Google User Experience : 1998 – Present

Let’s talk about the Google user experience, and how it’s developed since Google’s inception in 1998. Google is good, and nobody’s going to argue with that. Starting their service as an out-of-nowhere search engine, they’ve exploded into a massive software and computing company that has the likes of Microsoft and Apple scared. They’ve had great

Best Ways to Convince Stakeholders on the Value of User Experience Research

User experience research is an important aspect of product design, refinement and persistence in any service or product a company renders. Without user experience research, it is impossible to find and effectively target demographics or to compete with established services or products in a field of industry. It is impossible to spot problems with a

How to Completely Destroy Your App’s User Experience

This article was originally written by Matthew Kaminsky. Matthew is in charge of Customer Service and Chief Blogger at StartApp, Android’s first out-of-app monetization solution.  Follow him on Twitter at @startappdotcom Every developer in the Android ecosystem is trying to build the next big app, earning the big fortune that comes along with a successful app. 

Challenges of Implementing User Experience Development in Product Design

User experience development is a key, crucial role in the development of a service or product, and one that can’t afford to be overlooked. Alas, in the development process for just about any product or service, companies and teams find it hard to integrate user experience development into the process, where it can have the

The Development of Microsoft User Experience

The Microsoft user experience historically defines the progress of user experience in the digital industry, just as their technology itself has come to define computing. Microsoft has been one of the forefront designers of software frameworks, operating systems and graphical user interfaces since the computer age began. Alas, the Microsoft user experience hasn’t always been spot-on;

The Most Difficult UX Question

This article was originally written by Brandon Satanek. As a hiring manager, I often ask perspective UX candidates to name a product they feel is very well designed and why. Sometimes, this causes the interview to become very awkward – like I asked them to solve a calculus equation in their head. Just as their

Windows 8 User Experience Review: Mobile vs. PC

The Windows 8 user experience is, by its very nature, a rather polarizing experience because it honestly depends on the platform on which it is being used. With that in mind, in order to accurately describe this UX, we’ve no choice but to look at this as two miniature reviews,: one for PC user experience