The User Interface Design Process and Tips

The user interface design process is something that takes quite a decent skill to handle well. Along with a skill for interpreting complex data and processes into simple visual concepts, it also requires an artistic flair for color, font styles, a strong sense of space, and a healthy understanding of eye tracking and psychology or

5 User Interface Design Principles to Live and Die

Modernly, it can be difficult to get a handle on what the most important user interface design principles really are. There are so many different kinds of devices commonly used, there are so many varieties of software, and so many different navigation models that have become popular, that it’s easy to get lost in it

User Interface Design – A Glance at Joomla Web CMS

The design of a user interface has traditionally been a team skill where we have designers, coders, and sociologists participating in defining the user experience. As with many other areas of information technology (Databases, Animations, etc.), we now need less and less people to make more complex content using new tools such as Adobe Suite,

Apple Unveils iOS 7 With Redesigned User Interface

This week Apple® unveiled iOS 7, one of the more significant iOS update since the original iPhone®, featuring a new user interface. iOS 7 is redesigned with subtle motion, a new color palette and distinct, functional layers that make it feel more alive. The typography has been refined for a cleaner look, and the use

Review of Android User Interface Design

I’ve talked briefly about how laudable the Android user interface design actually is, but I wasn’t terribly specific on why beyond, “It’s not a mess like its competitors.” Well, that’s not a good enough reason to jump on the Android bandwagon, for those interested in using mobile devices. In order to fully appreciate what’s good

3 Graphical User Interface Examples You Should Check Out

I don’t write these often enough, so I’m hoping to change that starting right now. Sometimes, the best way to convey what’s working or not working in any given field is to actually cite some examples, either comparatively, or just in straight up review. UX is one of the industry’s best served by this, so