Killer UI Layout Themes for Your Website

It’s no small secret that when it comes to UI layout in web design, a lot of people become stumped in one of several ways. Often, people will try too hard to be original and unique, resulting in excessive overdesign and unnecessary elaboration. Another problem is that people will try too hard to mimic the

Apple User Interface Guidelines Your Startup Should Live By

Apple user interface guidelines might be more like those of other systems than you might think. While Apple products do have a decidedly unique and non-standard mindset and methodology, there are some rules to computing both in mobile and PC that transcend platform. It is these transcendental traits that play the heaviest role in interface design,

New YouTube Interface – Same Old Problems

It’s been a few years since they purchased YouTube and for the most part this has been a marriage made in heaven. The joining of Google and YouTube accounts has mostly added a rather nice layer of convenience and accessibility for everyone involved. It’s no secret that Google has a crack team of programmers, so