User Experience Principles for Lean UX

User experience principles tend to change dynamically. This is one of the problems with UX as a science is the uncertainty that leads to less rigid standardization than should exist under normal conditions. User experience principles for Lean UX are even worse in some ways, because of the constant device flux of the mobile revolution, and

Best User Experience Services of 2013

When looking for the best user experience services available, you’re most likely going to encounter a very large list of varying age and relevance and with a plethora of different suggestion choices. The problem is that best user experience services lists come and go as technology changes. Services can do things they could not before.

Best UX Resources for Newbies

When stepping out into the world of user experience, newbies may want to make the first step of their journey research-driven in order to discover the best UX resources. This encompasses a lot of different elements, including learning material, demonstrations, community resources and tools. UX is a rich and cross-industry field covering programming, logistics, math

User Experience Best Practices We Can Learn From Startups

Startups are a very involved subject in the new digital business atmosphere and analysts and business practitioners alike see a lot they can learn from studying the dynamics of a startup’s evolution to an enterprise company. However, they often overlook the user experience best practices which can also be learned from startups. Enterprise businesses become embroiled in