3 UX Conferences of 2013 You Don’t Want To Miss

There’s a lot of searching involved in finding inclusive lists of UX conferences 2013, and all over the world, thousands of events are being held, both industry-specific and broad-ranged as well. Those interested in UX, design, or leadership roles in these fields shouldn’t miss out on attending at least one of these conferences this year

Top 5 Ranked Interaction Design Programs of 2013

Interaction design programs are an extremely crucial component in modern software, game and web development. At one time, such tools did not exist, and designing digital interfacing was a very different thing. Once, all computers responded only to textual commands, such as DOS or something even less sophisticated before that. UX was a different climate

What is a UX Strategist?

What is a UX strategist? With the software industry as a whole becoming an increasingly integral part of everyday affairs both in personal life and in all facets of business and entertainment, usability and user experience are becoming increasingly crucial, and also increasingly profitable industries in which to specialize. This fickle science incorporates sociology, art and

Interested in UX Architecture? Here’s What You Should Be Looking For.

UX architecture is a field gaining a lot of interest by the business and technologically minded. Those with an artistic flair or strategic mind are also being drawn to this field, realizing its importance to implementation of functionality and usability. So, are you interested in UX architecture? If you are, then there are some facets

Windows 8 UX Guidelines: Usability Disappointment or Spot-on UX?

Well we’ve put this off long enough. Let’s talk about the Windows 8 UX. It’s certainly a big topic in the computing and business world, and while the old adage would claim there’s no such thing as bad PR … maybe that saying came about before the internet was a force to be reckoned with.

UX Definition Revealed – What User Experience Means in This Decade

It’s time to rethink your UX definition in this new decade. This is a bold statement, I know, but the fact is, things are changing. Technology is changing, culture is changing, and the way your customers and users think is changing as well. With the new devices, the new applications, and the new speed at

3 Major Ways Your UX Team Will Change in the Next 5 Years

After a company has evolved and grown, and your range of products and services have diversified to levels of success that you never anticipated. Your UX team has been there for you, ensuring that everything works the way it should for the customer, and for your company. They have rolled with the punches over the