UX Definition – What User Experience Means for Different Company Departments

Although UX definitions change greatly from one department of a company to the next, user experience does apply directly to any given department, team or individual, as a company is a closed ecosystem. As such, everything that an individual does affects the outcome of what a team does. This in turn affects what the department

10 Biggest Challenges of Human Computer Interaction for Mobile

Mobile human computer interaction is one of the biggest barriers in practical technology today. Due to the limited size of mobile devices and the limited ways they may be implemented unobtrusively, the challenges to the interaction have resulted in some interface choices that turn a lot of people off from using them. These challenges are

How to Completely Destroy Your App’s User Experience

This article was originally written by Matthew Kaminsky. Matthew is in charge of Customer Service and Chief Blogger at StartApp, Android’s first out-of-app monetization solution.  Follow him on Twitter at @startappdotcom Every developer in the Android ecosystem is trying to build the next big app, earning the big fortune that comes along with a successful app. 

Best Interaction Design Programs that Will Get You in the Game

Interaction design programs are a key component in building software, websites and other digital services for users. Along with programming itself, interaction design is an art and a science. Choosing the right interaction design programs can make or break how practical and successful implementing and deploying a construct may become. With that in mind, we’re

5 Questions You Should Ask During a UX Position Interview

By: Megan @UXMotel Wilson When conducting job interviews, there are questions that are universal; but when conducting a UX position interview, there are some crucial questions specific to this field that must be addressed. It’s important to remember that UX, along with CRM, is a crucial aspects of any company’s product or service, and therefore, good

The Difference Between UX Testing of a Website and Mobile Application

UX testing is an important step in the development or updating of any software or web service. Like beta testing and post-launch UX metric, this testing stage while time consuming is invaluable for ensuring that the service is right for the demographic being targeted. However, there is a fatal mistake many often make with UX