Google Exemplifies UX And Upgrades Android Wear With Mode Watches Bands

With Android Wear you can select many different style watches from different bands and use different interfaces. However, up until now switching your watch band could be  a whole story of its own. Google has just launched MODE watches band, a line of “snap-and-swap” watch bands to make it that much easier to change your

[SLIDESHARE] SuccessFactors vs Oracle HCM Cloud: Which One is The Right One?

When choosing the right HCM for your company, it’s important to consider all the aspects of their user experiences in order to make the right call. Some crucial points to take into consideration are the size of your company, your specific needs, and if your users prefer to customize the program themselves, or use not

Microsoft Hopes to Enhance UX With Word Flow Keyboard App

For smartphone users who have been having difficulty typing with one hand on their iPhone, Microsoft is sharing their solution with the public. The solution Microsoft has to offer is its Word Flow Keyboard which is now available on iOS in the U.S. App Store (but not in Europe yet). The tech giant has released

A History of Digital User Experience – A Look at How Far We’ve Come

Let’s quickly step back to the 18th century Industrial Revolution to get our horseshoes re-sized. In those days, you would decide between the 2-3 blacksmiths in town based not just on price, but craftsmanship, speed, and possibly the human aspect of how friendly he is. Today, in the 21st century we now Google search our

The IRS Launches The “IRS Tax Design Challenge” to Improve UX

The IRS Launches The “Tax Design Challenge” to Improve UX It isn’t everyday you hear the words ‘IRS’ and ‘user experience’ in the same sentence, but in light of The Internal Revenue Service’s announcing its “Tax Design Challenge”, the time has come. Through a new initiative in the form of a crowdsourcing contest, the IRS

QUIZ: How Well do You Know the UX Must-Knows?

User experience is the ultimate combination between science and art.  We must be the most creative people in the company, but we can’t trust our artistic skills solely, as formulas and testing can put us on the path of success. “Simplicity” is the key word in our business, we all know that, but there is

Facebook F8 2016 Announcements to Change the We Look at UX

Facebook is unavoidable (and many of us tried to fight it, I’m sure.) The popular social network has become somewhat of a secondary (or primary) life to it’s users, and keeps on rising, in spite of many false predictions on its approaching demise. At the Facebook F8  2016 conference, which took place in San Francisco