This Month’s User Experience Must Reads

This was a pretty exciting month in the world of user experience. The focus of the past couple weeks ranges from navigation techniques to exciting new software announcements. From helpful tips on how to use photos in web interfaces in order to make sure your brand stands out, to useful insight on the best ways

The Principle of Least Effort: An Integral Part of UX

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology- not the other way around.” The words of Steve Jobs couldn’t ring truer than in today’s digital era. This is because both desktop and mobile UX design is fundamentally rooted in human cognitive psychology. From product management to design, having a

Adobe Launches Experience Design CC: A New Tool for UX designers

Adobe remains the undeniable leader in the artistic digital world. Their original product for UX designers is transforming the industry by presenting the first ever all-inclusive instrument to deliver a toolkit specifically for UX work. In a Techcrunch interview, Adobe’s director of product management, Andrew Shorten, stated that it took 18 months to develop this

8 Mobile Apps UX Design Secrets to Put a Smile on Your User’s Face

What differentiates a successful mobile app from an unsuccessful one? It’s User Experience. With visual appeal, intuitiveness and easy functionalities, creating a compelling mobile app will be easier. In this article, I will share a few secrets for designing mobile apps that will be able to deliver a better user experience. Although some of these

Product Management & UX Align in the Product Development Sweet Spot

The development of a new product can be likened to any other creation process, in that it is messier and more complicated than people on the outside would like to know. Nobody wants to know how the sausages get made.   There are conflicts. There are obstacles that require reappraisals of plans. These things happen.