6 User Experience Guidelines That Websites Must Follow

User experience is something that has really become crucial as website visitor behavior patterns have become more refined in the last few years. Although the concept of user experience is always evolving, there are still certain fundamentals that website designers can follow to cope with the dynamic nature of their audiences. Here are six of

Four Steps to Gaining User Trust in Your Website

Is the user experience flow of your website instilling trust in your visitors? Whether you operate an e-commerce business or any application that requires personal information, your website should dispel any insecurities the user may have about doing business with you and seamlessly lead them further down the conversion funnel. How is this process achieved?

The Myth of the Great UI Designer

Picture that one bright and inspiring day, when you suddenly get the most brilliant idea for a product – a web-based service or application in this case. It’s unique and could disrupt the tech world. Organizing and designing your service seems easy enough; I mean, you’ve had this idea in your head for quite some

Photographs? Forget About It. Typography is the Essence of Web Design.

Thank goodness for the memo! For the past…Umm…I’m not sure how long, really…I’ve been stressing over finding the right combination of photographical and typographical elements that would make my product’s website unique and sexy. But, no longer do I need to dwell over my inability to find a stimulating image for the design of the