Customization and Personalization on Mobile and Web Usability

Customization, which provides users explicit control and the opportunity to specify which elements they want to see on an interface, is a big selling point in software and Web interfaces today. Since the dawn of the Web, with the advent of ASP and PHP, customization has been possible for websites via user accounts and software.

Basic Web Design Usability Principles and Practices

Imagine visiting a store to purchase a birthday gift for your friend. You go into the store and the physical appearance of the store instantly impresses you. Things are all clean. There’s pleasant music playing faintly in the background. There’s a nice scent in the air. While you start to look at the shelves, though,

6 Crucial Web Usability Standards

Web usability refers to web applications that have been modified in a way to be easy and flexible to the end web users. Without any skills or training, with the usability, the users can be able to intuitively associate anything they need to do in the web page with any other interactions as well as