Concepts of Flat UI Design and Development

The flat UI design (flat user interface design) is the virtual language of graphical designs that integrates a unique model of user interface. The flat user interface design wipes out the usage of three dimension images and elements and entails a simplistic tone in the minimalist principle of creating a flat design. This means that the design does not include any gradients, textures, drop shadows etc that implicate a motion of an image thus traversing its view to one of a three dimension figure. It rather creates a flat image which can be classified to be a two dimensional image that is streamlined and efficient for utilization.

Concepts of Flat UI Design

1. It has a one page layout for each page. The one page layout is structured with blocks of content to be filled by the designer.

2. It has a minimalistic look. The flat UI design embraces the concept of being minimalistic as it contains no three dimensional elements such as drop shadows, gradient, depth, textures, embosses, etc. It simply creates a simple natural look of the image without having to place too much detail as it provides enhanced quality interface designs.

3. It has a monochromatic color style. It articulates the ability to enhance the quality of the design with a unique style of monochromatic color. It provides a variety of colors to choose from such as the bold muted colors or the retro popular colors.

4. It has the simplest typography with San Serif font style which is ideal for online virtual presence and you can choose the best size for each groups of words and content you put into your interface design.

5. It has a uniquely styled background. The back ground is designed to enhance the front images and words that convey the message. To that accord they are designed to be blur and can comprise of images or videos, it all depends on your most preferred choice. This background style will provide your viewers with an epic mental image of the over relay of the message you are trying to convey. It enhances their understanding of your message and even articulates a higher interest in their imagery analysis of the ability to persuade their attention even without speaking to them directly. It enhances the impression of the viewers and automatically enhances their confidence in inquiring more information about your message. This model is particularly good for marketing strategies especially since the marketer wants to make a strong first impression on the clients mind well enough to influence their enquiry and purchase in the end.

6. It is equipped with simple yet appealing imagery. The imagery utilized in this concept includes one color icons which have been reported to be frequently useful by past clients. They have also included simple two dimensional cartoons that are great to animate the message without having to go to a complex status of three dimensional images. Each of these images if used appropriately will enhance the interest of the viewers who relate to finding the mimicking effects of cartoons and the visual appeal of other one color icons both entertaining and understandable.

7. It is also equipped with the concept of movement. This includes the movement of the simple animations as stated in the previous concept. This activity is done with the simple utilization of CSS transitions. CSS transitions are generally understood to be the specification in which the movement of the animation is controlled. This is mostly done to control the speed of the animation and any changes implemented in the CSS transitions occur immediately in the animation presentations.

Benefits of Flat UI Design

1. They are much easier to create that the three dimensional designs as each new person or company will use the most appealing flat interface design that is appealing to their online target market.

2. It is much easier to make interface changes with the flat designs than the three dimension interface designs. With the three dimensions there are a lot of particular details one would have to look at while making any change on the interface design. However, the two dimensional interface design offers a greater sense of ease as one will be able to make changes in the design without having to worry about how this one change does not match to the shadow, gradient, lighting etc elements. Everything about the interface image on the flat design is varied in a uniformed manner that is highly adoptable to changes made on the design.

3. The flat designs are very simple and convey messages much faster to the viewers. Complex designs require the viewers to take some time to first get the message and then understand in the perspective it is represented. However, with flat designs the message is easily readable and understood in a matter of half a minute and attracts a wide crowd of viewers in the shortest amount of time possible. Viewers want to not have to take too much time to understand a concept and are more drawn to simplified concepts than complex ones.

4. While uploading these flat designs on your webpage, website etc, the interface will load at a much faster rate and is easily resizable on the online webpage/ website. Therefore users do not have to worry about when to make changes that can be implemented, they can simply relax and enjoy crafting their new flat designs as often as possible and enrich their online presence with diverse styles.

Conclusion While creating an online presence whether it is with your website, webpage, blog, social media profile, for business or for personal reasons it is always important to remember the items that appeal to majority viewers and it comes with simplicity. Simple images that enhance a high quality message and crystallize a unique look for your chosen design in every aspect included to create the final result. There is a big platform on the virtual world but the competition is also very high and you will need to always make sure that with each newfangled take of the virtual community you can be able to match their desires with mental depiction of a great online presence. The concept of flat UI design is an idealistic model for interface users to utilize to enhance their online presence and appeal to their targeted viewers and one of the best parts of this model is that you can personalize your own taste and preference in multiple ways. Additional information is available onĀ user interface design tools page. bnr14
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)