Dip Your Toes before Diving Into the Deep End of UX

It’s so unbelievable to me the amount of social media platforms out there. I seriously cannot keep up with all of them! The other day I was searching through a pretty cool site called scoopt.it, which allows users to carefully pick and choose, and then share articles and ideas that are important and engaging to them regarding the topics they love. I bumped into Michael Allenberg’s scoop.it profile and thanks to Michael, I found this awesome article about how to get more involved with User Experience. He shares an insightful article by Patrick Neeman of Usability Counts called, ‘Four Ways to Break Into User Experience’, which fills in those who are thirsty to get more involved and educated in the field of User Experience. User Experience isn’t for everyone,” Neeman states, “and just because you get a degree doesn’t mean you’ll be good at it. Try it out before you jump in the deep end.” Thank goodness – a realistic and practical statement that saves me from massive lectures from mom about getting another professional degree and a burning huge hole in my pocket from student loans. Patrick, a personal thank you for that! Delve into this useful article to see where and how you can become more involved and educated in the up and coming field of User Experience.