Don’t Miss Out on Some of the Best UX Resources Online!

1. Good A/B Testing Practices by Christian Vasile, published on Flat UI Pro You might have heard of A/B testing until now and although it sounds like a fancy term, trust me, it is much more than just that. A/B testing is a great practice that can give marketers, corporations, advertisers and start-ups an insight into their visitor’s behavior and how to increase conversion rates.   2. The Top Methods to Boost Your Low Website or App Engagement published on TMC Net Are you looking to get more people interested in your app or website? Are you a Web designer that has been struggling to bring in new visitors or keep current ones coming back on a regular basis? Getting more users for your site or app can seem like a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. The difference is that the successful franchises know how to pull in new users and offer the right content so that they keep coming back.   3. The Real Business Value of UX by Elisabeth Hubert, published on Elisabeth Hubert Blog For the past few weeks, I have been the client for a discovery process to better understand the entrepreneurial mindset. It has been an eye opening exercise, and I have learned a lot from our user research team about the workings of the “entrepreneur brain”. This brain is the same one that many of our business people, even in corporations, have. It is an incredibly creative, hugely passionate, but, often times, an unable to execute on the idea brain. These folks usually just know that their ideas are good ones, that people and society need their help, and that, at whatever cost, they will succeed in making the world a better place. This brain is a noble one, however, there is just one tiny problem. This brain often doesn’t know how to build software products, and worse, it thinks that this whole UX thing, is just to make the product look good. Lastly, it thinks that if it makes the product look good, people will love it. Oh boy are they wrong.   4. Google Android’s 3 UX Design Principles and 2 Jars of Marbles by Kera Bui, published on Medium Blog In their presentation at Google I/O, the designers share their design principles and how they make important UX decisions based on 2 jars of marbles. Their UX design key points are divided into 3 categories: Enchant, Simplify and Amaze.   5. Top 30 Twitter Celebrities in User Experience published on UX Motel I’m happy to share with you this exclusive list of user experience celebrities. Don’t miss out on connecting with these fellow UXers, learn from them, reach out to them, pick their brains! This list is comprised of some of the most social UX enthusiasts out there, so get tweeting!