Examples of Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalable vector graphics (SVG) can be described as vector image format that are XML based. These are used for 2 dimensional graphics and also support animation and interactivity. This was developed in 1999 by (W3C) World Wide Web Consortium. The SVG images as well as their behaviors are normally defined using XML text files which mean that they can be indexed, searched, compressed and scripted. A person can use any text editor to create and edit the SVG images but most people prefer to use drawing software. They offer web designers with incredible imagery and flexibility they can use for their job. They are also compatible with all web browsers and most mobile device platforms. These are also great for user experience as it helps website owners to present graphics that are scalable resolution independent regardless of the device used. This helps to get rid of the problem of blurry images as well as pixelated logos ensuring visitors are not put off by low quality images. . Examples of the SVGs include:

Albino Tonnina 

This is one of the examples of scalable vector graphics that comes with pretty nice scrolling animations that are normally found on vertically scrolling page. This is also considered one of the most modern designs that are gaining popularity fast. It has also created a strong presence on social media which makes more and more people know about it. It was developed by Albino Tonnia who is a self taught full stack web developer. He is currently working for Numidia in Rome a dynamic and fresh development company that he co-founded back on 2011.

Charles- Axel Pauwels 

When dealing with this design, do not expect it to come with whistles and bells as it is one of the scalable vector graphics that comes with some little tasteful animations. Here the keywords that are found in the changing sub heading are normally highlighted. The developer works with 3 C’s i.e. Choices + Challenges that normally result in Challenges. He has developed a wide portfolio that interested parties can go through to see what his work was all about.

Your Power 

This is another example people have when looking for scalable vector graphics. WWF owns the site and has been rallying for the use of natural fuel. For the ability to sieze your power, all you have to do and start the incredible journey is to enter your name and you can scroll down to read the entire story. When you are done, you will come across a call to action button at the end that normally asks a person to “Seize Your Power Now”. As soon as you click on this, you will get a form that will be presented to you where you pledge that you would like to see a world that is powered by nature.

Brut Magazin 

This is another incredible option that people have when they are looking for scalable vector graphics. The site comes with a number of creative animations that normally lead the users from one screen to another. This normally seeks the epic quest on the analog versus digital question. It also encourages people to work hard and not forger to be nice to people. From the first time you will access the site you get to feel the creativity it has to offer.

VT Creative 

This is another option people have when they are looking for scalable vector graphics. When you access the site, the illustrations are normally drawn as you scroll down the page before you reach them. The developer tries to use the latest technology to come up with the best graphics that designers will appreciate. You can go through the portfolio to see some of the options you have in a bid to choose the one that you would like to work with to come up with the results that you desire and have a good time while you are at it.


This can be described as a marketing and digital company that is fully digitalized. It is among the examples of scalable vector graphics. It helps companies to build meaningful experiences that engage clients in the digital world. It is also design led and data driven believing that all great work has to be characterized with results that are measurable. It offers a number of services such as brand development, social media, search engine marketing and software development among many other things. It also claims that it is infatuated with popular culture, obsessed with delivering perfect results and addicted to creativity.

Vins Saint Aubin 

This also makes it on the list of scalable vector graphics. On the site, a person can scroll up and you can find some incredible scrolling animations on the way. Here you will find numerous options where you can choose the one that you like best. Most of the time, there are new animations that are added frequently to give users something new that they will find beneficial. There are many web designers who use this to their advantage to get what they want at the end of the day without too much trouble.

It is important to note that SVG allows 3 types of graphic objects such as raster graphics, text and vector graphics. Graphical objects like JPEG and PNG as well as raster images can be styled, grouped, transformed and composited into objects that were previously rendered. Text can also be found in any XML name space that is suitable to its application. The feature set normally includes, clipping paths, nested transformations, filter effects, alpha masks, extensibility and template objects. SVG images can also have raster graphics. It also has 14 functional areas i.e. paths, txt, basic shapes, color, painting, patterns and gradient, clipping, masking & compositing, interactivity, filter effects, scripting, linking, animation, meta data and font that scalable vector graphics define.


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