What to Expect From Google IO Conference 2014

The Google IO Conference is set to make a big change in the world of technology. Google conferences are some of the most anticipated conferences by technology lovers. This can be attributed to the fact that there will be tremendous changes that will see an improvement in the tech industry. This conference offers technology experts an opportunity to share ideas on what is trending in the world of technology.

Importance of the Google IO Conference

This conference has helped to rebuild technology to what it is today. Through this conference, technology experts are able to share ideas which are bent on ensuring the world of technology is heading in the right direction. Some of the reasons why this conference is important are:
  •  Helps in the growth of websites and mobile applications. This is made possible by the fact that tech experts and enthusiasts share ideas which are bent at technological growth.
  •  Brings together tech experts from all over the world. This is the ideal platform for anyone who thinks they have an idea that will take things to the next level. Additionally, it does not matter where your nationality or skin color.
  •  Showcase of new projects. Through this conference, tech lovers are able to get first hand information on new projects that Google has undertaken. This will ensure you have the required knowledge on how the new changes work.

Date and Venue Traditionally, Google IO conferences have been held in June. This year’s conference is not an exception. The two day conference is scheduled for Wednesday June 25 and Thursday June 26. The venue for the conference is at Moscone center on Howard Street in San Francisco. The tickets to this year’s event have already sold out. This can be attributed to the high number of people who have embraced technology and always want to be a step ahead when it comes to technology. It goes without saying that the Google Io conference 2014 is highly anticipated and it sets to bring a lot of improvements in the tech world.

Expectations For The Conference Google has used these conferences to break the news on major Android updates and also release new products. With the rise in competition, you should expect some very fascinating announcements to be made. It goes without saying that new products will be unveiled and also major updates will be announced.

Some of the Things to Expect From the 2014 Google Conference
  •  Release of a new Android operating system. By the look of things, the technology giants are set to release a new operating system. The last Android update by Google was KitKat 4.4. You might not be seeing KitKat 4.5 anytime soon. Instead, Google is set to release Android 5.0. Additionally, the new operating system will take an L name. The new Android OS is set to give other OS developers a run for their money.
  •  New Google watch. Google is set to unveil their new watch which will be Android powered. The LG G watch and the Moto 360 will be unveiled during this year’s event. However, these watches come at a time when the Samsung gear has sent waves across most tech lovers. This will be surely a battle of titans between these two technology giants
  •  More Apps for ChromeCast. In order to keep up with the stiff competition, Google has to come up with more fascinating applications. Google has to face off with the new Amazon Fire TV and the Apple TV. The new applications will see Google regaining its position as a technology giant.
  • More Google glass. After its release in 2012, Google glass has been spreading like wild fire. However, it has also been criticized for not being consumer friendly. Through this year’s event, Google is set to give an insight on the new consumer friendly Google glass and also the date when it will be released. 
  •  Google’s robot army. Google is building a robot army, which is set to debut during the Google Io conference 2014. Google purchased Boston Dynamics a company that is well known for making robots. Additionally, this technology giant also purchased six other robot making companies. This year’s event is set to shed a green light on why Google is building the robot army.
  • Google fiber. This year’s conference is set to showcase Google’s gigabit internet in the U.S. This broadband internet is said to be 100 times faster than what most Americans experience. However, only three cities enjoy this internet. These cities include: Kansas, Austin and Provo in Utah. There are 34 cities which have expressed their interest in this fiber optic network. These cities are located in nine metro areas. Most companies and governments have failed in delivering the city-wide WIFI. However, with Google having invested in drones and project Loon, it will not be a hard task delivering the city-wide WIFI.
  •  Project Ara. Through project Ara, Google has come up with a phone that can have its parts upgraded. This is a move that could see mobile phone users reduce cell phone waste and also save money. The future looks brighter since tablets, laptops and smart watches will soon be customizable
  •  New nest labs. With the App driven world, old home appliances could have their speed increased. The 2014 conference by Google will see to it that the forgotten home inventions are revived. This will ensure that home owners can save money without having to purchase new home appliances
  • Google infotainment system. This system allows car owners to find maps, messages and music in one place. This system will be able to support iOS and Android devices. This gives Google an upper hand compared to Apple’s car play, which only supports iOS devices. Google is also expected to shed some light on their new CarPlay infotainment system.

Conclusion It goes without saying that this year’s event comes with a lot of expectations. Technology lovers surely have something to smile about. By the look of things, 2014 will be a year of amazing technology inventions. Therefore, if you are wondering how to get a clear insight on the new inventions, be sure to look out for this year’s Google Io conference. bnr14
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)walkme.com