My Favorite UX Articles From This Week

These great UX articles discuss workplace happiness, the war for agency talent  and reviewing designs while drunk. If they sound serious and fun it is only because they are. That and full of terrific information. UX – Designing for Profit and Happiness in Workplace Sarah Deane, author of 4HourUX writes about the strategies for improving the employee workplace experience and how that impacts profit and happiness. It suggests finding factors that can be quantified to track workplace experience. Start with identifying types of spaces and speaking to employees about their experiences. These strategies will aid in designing an improved workplace for employees and boost their overall workplace experience. The audience listens to the acting about UX news Why UX is the Next Battlefront in the War for Agency Talent This article from Digiday Brand’s Editor Shareen Pathak speaks about how user-experience designers are in great demand due to the shift in needs of the market. More companies are focusing on UX for their apps and as a result, are searching for more user experience designers to help going forward. This article examines this shift in depth. Reviewing UX Designs while Drunk Makes Way More Sense than you Think Richard Littauer’s project “The User is Drunk” is a novel approach reviewing UX designs. Richard Littauer, is a developer and linguist, and explains how by being drunk, he can better analyze a new user’s experience – distracted, unpredictable and not worried about diplomacy and politeness. This leads to an impartial and honest review and this article indicates how beneficial this honest approach may be. Marketing Mathematics: Why You Need to Invest in Website Engagement The article from Marketo examines how marketing and website engagement are now connected. Users often go through websites before sales representatives, resulting in a crucial need to ensure that users are properly engaged while using the company’s website. The article speaks about how to allocate resources and budget money put towards improving website engagement. How to Design Effective Information Dashboards for Your Business Here we discuss how to design information dashboards real time displays of performance indicators of a company. The article provides statistics and tips to design these crucial parts of businesses, such as identifying the objective and determining the audience. This provides an excellent source of information for learning how to design information dashboards. Additional ux news are available to read. make sure to get all the latest information.  
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