Good UX Reads for This Week

Its been a good week for UX news, and im happy to share the top news with you!  Hope you enjoy.

Branding Digital Experiences

Andrew Sim argues that a brand is more than a name and a logo. The experience the business creates and the interface it provides are just as important for branding. One example Sim’s gives is from the world of social media. When interacting with customers on a site like Twitter you need to engage in a conversation. In order to do this authentically you need to have an individual voice, character and point of view.

Five Persuasive Web Design Techniques To Create Conversions

This article claims that it is must easier to convince someone with visuals than it is with text or audio. Some of the improvements that can be made to create persuasive design include having a strong hierarchy, keeping attention at all costs, and improving the aesthetics of the website.’s Account Setup: 10 Broken Rules Of Usability Guidelines recently released a web application that suffered from serious data and technical issues. The problem was exacerbated because of the high profile of the release. Jen Cardello suggests that improvements such as placing the Call to Action above the fold, reducing the number of steps and preparing users better would all improve the usability of the site.

Five Principles Of Writing For Users

Ben Barone-Nugent suggests improvements that can be made for writing for users. Included in his advice is the concept of progressive reduction which means simplifying web copy down to its basics once users have experience with the product.

Responsive Design And You

Here the author shares his thoughts on Ethan Marcotte’s new book on responsive design. The author details that he had tried online tutorials and reading through existing code to improve their skills but they found the Ethan Marcotte book to be the most helpful.

Establishing Design Direction

This article details exercises that can be used to help web people improve their meetings and establish design direction. One tip is to gather 20 websites that roughly match something similar to your clients. The employees should then rank each site and suggest what they liked and didn’t like about it.

Square, Air BnB And Why Experience Is Really Design

Om Malik points out that creating a great experience is the 21st century version of owning a great brand. He suggests that successful companies know how to seamlessly merge technology and infrastructure while reducing complexity to create a user friendly experience for their products. Hope you enjoyed and make sure to share this with your peers!
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)