Seeking Graphical User Interface Design Examples

Computing has become an integral part of the daily life of people today. It is because of the digital office, gaming, digital video and internet. Therefore, graphical user interface (GUI) has become an interpretive layer between the user and the internal mechanics of program. Everybody is concerned about making the data in a comfortable sense and following general user experience tips is imperative. Users can also invoke simple actions to create complex commands. However, when you look for graphical user interface design examples to get some inspiration for your work, you may face the real problems.


Benefits of Seeking Graphical User Interface Design Examples

Graphical user interface is highly successful because it simplifies the output and input between the user and the computer. But, both of them work differently. Before the invention of GUI, command line manner was used for operating computers. Examples can be seen with CP\M, DOS and Unix. Old command prompts were used to date old movies, which was a famous method. But with the advent of GUI, the things become much easier and capable. Some Good Examples of GUI In these modern times, it is highly beneficial to check some good graphical user interface design examples. Android General Interface This is considered as one of the best graphical user interface design examples. Lots of attempts were at functional when miniaturization became a driving force. Older mobile designs are still used in J2ME system. It is just an example of more awkward times. Android captures the same essence of a PC operating system. It is touch friendly and flat aesthetic. Besides, it has no learning curves too. Google Drive Google has deep knowledge in the working pattern of SaaS and web services. Just like traditional software, Google works on this cloud and web side things. Google Drive also has no real learning curve if you use Mac, Windows and Office suites. iOS Apple came more recently, but it has revolutionized the computer interface and it has shaped and influenced everything that has come about since. Apple pioneered the use of graphical user interface in 1983 with the introduction of Lisa computer. Later, they made it mainstream by releasing Macintosh in 1984. Apple introduced iPhone in 2009. The company, then, brought a user friendly experience to the mobile phone market. Previously, mobile phone users were managing with arrow buttons and scroll wheels to navigate through their phones. With the introduction of touch interface and application icons in iPhone, the game has changed tremendously because it is highly useful and easy to use.

Bad Examples of GUI

Windows 8  Microsoft introduced Windows 8 in 2012. The company also introduced a similar desktop version along with this mobile phone operating system. Live interactive tiles are used in Windows 8 for mobile. It means, when you look at the home screen of your phone, you can see multiple application tiles. These are updated constantly with information. The tech world considers Windows 8 as a bad example of GUI. YouTube YouTube is really stunning, but the GUI of YouTube is terrible. Though the player is pretty good, it is a standard media player interface. It is very easy to use and responsive on every platform. But, sometimes, it has settings memory problems. Now, you have good and bad graphical user interface design examples. These are the big and popular names in the GUI. Using the right user interface design tools will help you to make the right decision.
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