Greatest UX Reads

21 Examples of User Experience Innovation in Ecommerce Ecommerce has evolved over the past two decades. With the advent of new techs such as CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery, digital teams are becoming smarter and agile. Chris Lake puts the spotlight on some top Ecommerce players that have stood out from the park in recent years. How to Help Your Users Take Action Good user experience practices are those focused on enabling users to take action by smoothing the decision making process and removing frictions. Stephen Wendel, a behavioral scientist talks about the impact of the product we create and how to market to our consumers’ behavior. The article also shares 2 important tips on how you can use your product to support action. 5 Ways Airlines can Improve User Experience on Their Apps Modern technology has revolutionized the way we do things. The airline industry, being a competitive industry, requires managers to think outside the box. Marisa Garcia, an aviation expert, shares 5 ways through which airlines can improve their apps user’s experience. From Human Factors to User Experience: What’s in a Name?  What weight does the title you use on your business cards, company websites and LinkedIn have? Keith S. Karn explains all. The Three Ways that Good Design Makes You Happy Check out this awesome video- Don Norman explains the importance of good design and how it can make you (and your users) happy.


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