Hotmail Finally Jumps Off the Hot-seat

I guess UI makeovers are the hot thing nowadays. Recently we’ve seen a significant change in LinkedIn’s UI, and now news just came in that Hotmail will be rebranding its look altogether. With all respect to Hotmail – I’ve been using it since I was way little – it’s about damn time! There’s no doubt that Hotmail’s old interface has developed negative popularity throughout the years. Microsoft has done right to create something that will be more sexy for its users. So, what’s in store for the new and improve Hotmail? The new UI is sleek-looking and very minimalist so as to get rid of all the clutter and provide for a friendlier user experience. In addition to the Metro look, Microsoft will be adding Skype calling to the product allowing users to directly use the service even if you haven’t downloaded the product – a great feature I must say as I’m an avid Skype caller…HEY MOM! Is the move to Outlook a good move for Microsoft? According to VentureBeat, it quite sure is. This will allow users to have more integration of the product to other Microsoft services, much similar to Google products such as Gmail and Docs. Check out VentureBeat’s article on Hotmail’s move to Outlook to gain access to more vital information about Microsoft’s decision.