How to Get Intimate With Your Invisible Audience – 3 Questions That You Need to Answer

It might be easy to get in touch with your physical audience, but in the online world, actions gather an entirely different meaning. Nowadays, users are looking to get all the information they need, fast and easy. If you own an e-Commerce site, then you can’t simply put an average design to it and hope that the users will come by and shop with you. Everything needs to be well-thought and ready to be implemented. Here are a 3 questions that will help you better deal with this type of situation: 1. What are the best user experience principles that you would implement to engage with your users?  Although the answer here differs from business to business, there are few principle which apply on a universal basis. Jennifer Stagner of Tops Products, recommends “implementing to engage with your users is a live chat functionality, which the users can relate to while browsing your site.” Further, Chris Casty of Icreon Tech Inc. asserts, “as far as user experience goes, it is important to focus on functionality prior to aesthetics. All the development projects should be created through wireframing and information architecture tactics prior to designing graphics and media. Once a fully-functional wireframe is completed, it’s essential that you get the OK from clients to begin the aesthetic design operation.” 2. Can customer service teams be used to create an intimate understanding of users? If so, how? Stagner states, “customer Service teams can absolutely be used to create an intimate understanding of what users really want and where their needs are. For example, the live chat team should be able to read a stream of running customer commentary as they browse the ecommerce website. This allows them to develop a deep understanding of exactly what users like and don’t like. One of the greatest insights we gained from live chat was that our customers could not figure out our registration page. We passed those comments along to our programmer who was able to roll out a new version of the page that streamlines the user experience and makes their visit more enjoyable. “ Chasty posits that “customer service can now be completed through online chat functions built into a website. By having the chat box for customer service float up the screen and ask the user questions, it can provide a sense of consideration from the website to the user. Intuitive feel and navigation is the key to great user experience.” 3. What design elements are able to bring out emotions of users that create a successful social user experience?  Stagner asserts that “design elements that bring out positive user emotions are those that streamline a process or that are distilled into the most valuable information. Users need to be able to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or chat with customer service preferably with the fewest amount of clicks possible.” Chasty’s believes that :in terms of design, the team should focus on simplicity and usability. The information a user needs should jump off the screen, rather than stay hidden behind multiple clicks, scrolls and pages. By designing the functionality first, developers can avoid hampering the usability of the site with excessive and ill placed media or graphics. No one would like to deal with such elements on a daily basis.” These are the things that you need to keep in mind when designing a quality user experience. Keep in mind that customers are looking for value and information, not for a complicated and un-intuitive website design which gives them headaches. Chris Chasty is Communications Manager at Icreon Tech Inc. He oversees digital content, press outreach and social media with a focus on all things mobile, analytics, social and Big Data, constantly searching for new innovations and disruptions in the industry. Jennifer currently works for Tops Products, managing a multi-million dollar export sales business with clients in Central and South America. She may be reached at