How to Use Successful Google User Experience Tactics on Your Website to Gain Conversion

Google user experience tactics are the most valuable online secret to success you will come across today. Using these tactics will enable you to grow your website traffic very quickly to levels you thought were not even feasible in such a short period of time. The real secret behind Google’s phenomenal growth and success? A strong emphasis on user experience. Remember that this is a company that did not even exist 15 short years ago. Yet, without spending any money on advertising, this famous business grew from nothing to a multi-billion dollar juggernaut that straddles the World Wide Web today and dominates search. Google did it simply by focusing all their efforts on the user experience. They still do, even as angry webmasters desperately try to figure out why the hell their sites keep disappearing from top rankings for search results. If you ask them, they would be happier if Google were to focus on their experience rather than that of the user. But, that is not how the most popular search engine in the world got to where it is today. It is more than surprising that most people still have never learned anything from the Google story. Instead, webmasters and site owners continue to build their sites with their own inflated ego and selfish interests in mind rather than focusing on the realistic and actual needs of their user, thus improving the user experience of their site visitors. Change your focus today and start implementing Google user experience tactics transforming the success of your website and online business will never be the same again. Constantly put yourself in the shoes of your user. When people arrive at your site, what are they looking for? This is a question that you will need to constantly ask yourself every time you want add content to your site. The good news: there is plenty of help available for you to tap into your users motivations and expectations. The Web makes it very easy to quickly pinpoint exactly what your prospects and site visitors are looking for. A unique outlet that is frequently overlooked is your blog. Consistently check what your users are saying on your blog comments. Do you read them carefully enough to really “hear” what they are saying? Your prospects will also indulge in discussions in popular social media. Do you get involved in these discussions? Do you carefully read both the status updates and comments that follow? Even popular keywords used on search engines will tell you plenty. Do you study popular keywords to identify the exact content and information your hottest prospects are seeking? It’s fairly simple and does not require expensive technology or handy-dandy tools, whatsoever. All you really need to do is pay attention and really listen to what people are saying, then take action. Always act quickly and implement Google user experience tactics to give them precisely what they are looking for. Forget about SEO and focus on the user experience. Rather than burying yourself with time-consuming SEO (search engine optimization) chores, such as looking for artificial ways to generate links pointing back to your site, simply focus on generating high quality and relevant content. When people like the content on your site, they are bound to start talking about it, and the next thing you know, your users will link to it from all over the web. Simply put, the most powerful SEO technique you will ever use is to focus on your engaging and relevant content. That is exactly how Google got to where they are today. They gave people convenient search so that it became possible, for the first time, for anybody to quickly find the exact information they were seeking. It was so useful and people started talking about it, linking to the Google search engine site. The rest, as they say, is history. Once you focus on your users’ needs and wants, thus creating a great user experience, you may then allow yourself to comfortably ignore a vast majority of SEO chores and still be sure that your SEO will take care of itself. Your content must always be able to evolve. Admittedly, this takes time and a lot of hard work; so, in your initial design phase, your site will not be complete in terms of the kind of information your prospects will be looking for. Ideally, it will never be complete if you keep listening to your users. A site that is not updated and unable to be evolved based on what you hear from your users will lose the interest and engagement of existing users. Consistently working to create simple updates and new features of your site and its content will ensure that even your site will still be a valuable and reliable hub where people can visit and follow links to all the information and content that they are looking for. There is nothing more powerful than adopting what seemed to be a powerful secret in your eyes, but was right in front of your eyes in the first place. Rest assured that using Google user experience tactics to build your website and online presence is guaranteed to lead you to success just as it has already done for others.