Find out Which of the Best Interface Design Software is Right for You

To find the best interface design software for your company, it is important to review what these tools are actually designed to do.

Interface design tools make the process of creating apps and websites easier by visually stripping prototypes down to their functionality. What this means is that the average interface design software allows you to understand how a particular app or website interface works by removing all of its non-essential features.

Without these applications, the interface of an app or website would have to be explained verbally, and this approach often leads to a lot of confusion. As the famous meme explains; “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Since we are interested in the best interface design tools, we will need to examine what some of the best tools bring to the table. Furthermore, it is also worth bearing in mind that different products offer different levels of functionality. It should go without saying that you should study their features carefully. So to help you find a good interface design tool for your company here are a few candidates that you should consider.


What is the Best Interface Design Software?

Since we are discussing options, here are three examples of interface design software which are often considered among the best of the best on the market.

Axure – Axure is a good example of an interface design software that offers great layout functionality. It features a versatile wire-framing tool that includes sitemaps as well as UI elements. Furthermore, it also includes HMTL mock-ups as well as a built-in share functions for mobile devices.

HotGloo – For great prototyping features look no further. This particular software offers excellent control over displayed elements. However, its greatest feature is that it offers superb interactivity, which can be tremendously beneficial for experienced app developers.

Viseo – Although popular due to their technical features, Viseo may also be considered one of the best interface design tools thanks to its familiar and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, Viseo offers a lot of great add-ons, such as Swipr, which allow users to create and then export their HTML prototypes.


Additional Options That You Might Want to Try

The three examples listed above can be considered as some of the best interface design software around. However, if you require additional options then here are a few others that you may want to try. Remember what LeVar Burton says on “Reading Rainbow,” “You don’t have to take my wor on it.” Get out and sample some of these for yourself.

– Pidoco

– InDesign

– Protoshare

– Gliffy

– Mockflow

– Justinmind

The software included on this list offers some useful features. For more information be sure to look up each software on their own websites.

It is also important to keep track of the latest UX news as well as sites dedicated to UI design tools. This way, you will be able to compare all of their features and see if they are useful to your company’s needs.

  Interface design software and UI design tools are designed to help you achieve a lot of things. Aside from ensuring the functionality of apps and websites, they also play an important role in undercover user experience design. The examples listed here are the best interface design software, but you should choose one based on the technical needs of your organization and the kind of apps that it wants to produce.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)