Will UX Designers Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence in 2017?

As the technological industry continues to advance and develop more intricate technologies, many designers wonder if their jobs will remain relevant. While artificial intelligence gains the ability to understand human behavior on a far more advanced level, in addition to having the ability to essentially do our jobs better than us, will the need for humans in certain industries cease? This month I compiled a list of articles written by the experts which provide various arguments on this subject. Each article takes its own stance on the future of artificial intelligence as well as what it means for designers’ careers.  

Algorithm-Driven Design: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Design

While designers today juggle numerous tasks at once, imagine what it would be like if we were able to focus on just one task while we had a computer to make up the difference. Every so often, many of us consider the question of whether or not robots will replace humans in the near future, and in our case designers. Yury Vetrov shares his thoughts on the idea of algorithm-driven design, and what it means for the future of designers.  

2017, We Don’t Need Any More UX Designers

With constant technological advancements, everyone is wondering what the New Year will bring. This clever article provides a great outline of each advancement and what types of new challenges they bring designers. Chris Thelwell discusses what the industry now looks like for designers and how to integrate these changes into your own career.  

AI and the Future of Design: What Will the Designer of 2025 Look Like?

This piece introduces a more positive outlook on designers’ future with AIs. “Designers may well provide the missing link between AI and humanity,” says Rob Girling. Girling shares his predictions for what the industry will look like in 2025, providing a unique analysis calling designers “curators” rather than “creators.”  

The Most Promising 2017 UX and Web Design Trends (Infographic)

This excellent infographic provides a useful outline of what we can expect in the upcoming year. Due to all the technological advancements there are some major changes predicted in the UX and web design industries in regards to the technology we utilize daily. From engagement bots to age responsive design, 2017 looks like it’ll be the year in which we work side by side with our fellow bots. UX Designers Replaced by Artificial Intelligence

AI Bots and User Research

This article provides an interesting perspective, comparing the understanding of AI to understanding user research. Read about what it means for the industry now that AI interfaces have the ability to understand human behavior, and the extensive types of research opportunities this opens up.  

How AI Can Help to Enhance User Experience

Many companies have begun to focus their attention on improving UX via new analytical techniques, powered by artificial intelligence.  This article takes an alternative stance on AI technologies, presenting the positive uses for this advanced technology. Utilizing artificial technology has many benefits for a company, one of which includes taking the pressure off data analysts by providing more accurate warning systems than analysts are capable of detecting.  

4 Big Things to Expect from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 2017

An enlightening article which provides a useful list of some of the benefits that will stem from improved technologies within the upcoming year. This is a great source to orient yourself so you know what to expect in general, and to be able to apprehend the upcoming changes.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)walkme.com