June’s Best UX Stories

Interested in some of the most popular UX trends for the remainder of 2016? Looking for tips on how to design your website for the best user experience possible? Or, are you curious to find out which mobile testing tools are worth investing in? Well, all these answers are found in the following list, plus so much more! Enjoy my monthly roundup!

1. UX Trends to Keep in Mind For Designing in 2016

Stephen Moyers begins his article by providing an excellent recap of the most popular user experience trends from the past year, and what can be learned from them. He then goes on to discuss some of the expected upcoming trends for the rest of 2016 based on some of the popular styles from the beginning of the year.  
Isn’t this the perfect time to decrease attrition and churn rates to a minimum level with no hassle or major changes?

2. How to Design Your Website for Better User Experience

Based on a fascinating study performed in 2015, it was found that the human attention span currently averages 8.5 seconds, much less than in 2000 when it was at 12 seconds. This article lists six important points that designers should keep in mind in order to create a website that best fits the user’s needs, and keeps their attention.  

3. 7 Factors That Influence User Experience

We all know that UX is crucial to the success of a product, and when broken down user experience is so much more than people think. This article lists seven key factors that make up a successful user experience design, from accessible to desirable, your design must appeal to the user that is so much more than just usability. Your UX must speak to the users’ senses, attracting them through a usable and credible design.  

4. What Skills You Need To Be A UX Designer

A fantastic UX doesn’t just mean including a fabulous design. It is an all-encompassing field that demands the understanding of a person’s psyche and behavior in order to create a product that appeals to an audience. A good designer understands human nature, and what their users want out of a product. This article lists some of the unconventional skills needed to be a great UX designer outside of simply knowing how to play with graphics.  

5. Top 3 Mobile Web Testing Tools

This article lists three mobile web testing tools that will simplify the entire mobile design process. Due the various types of mobile devices, it can be very time consuming to test your app on each type of device, however with these mobile testing tools you’ll be able to test usability much more efficiently.  

6. A Simple Button Could Fix One of Mobile’s Most Annoying UX Flaws

John Brownlee discusses an innovative solution for an issue that inconveniences so many of us on our mobile devices. The makers of “Button” created a way to allow apps to pass users back and forth between apps in order complete various actions. The goal is to allow broader access to information within the streamlined experience of an app, which creates a more seamless mobile experience.  

7. Diary Studies: Understanding Long-Term User Behavior and Experiences

Understanding the motive behind users’ preferences and inclinations is a key component to designing a successful user experience. Read about this fascinating diary study, which utilizes qualitative data to determine certain conclusions about user behaviors, activities and experiences over time. The findings of this study provide an interesting analysis about what consumers prefer, and how to design the best user experience  

8. iPhone 7 Redesign, Or Lack Thereof

Read about the latest iPhone design, and what the experts predict will change, or won’t change. There is much hype about the iPhone 7, but many speculate that it won’t be all that great. Do you think Apple will be able to keep their customers happy with their newest release?
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)walkme.com