Microsoft Launches Windows 8 for Healthcare


With the increase in medical facilities and clinics, it has become extremely important that technological advancements are utilized to improve daily tasks in such places. Multitasking is common practice in practically any clinic, and it is important that an efficient and specialized service is given to each and every patient. This can be achieved thanks to health apps that are available in the market nowadays. Microsoft has launched Windows 8 for healthcare apps. ┬áThis will serve as a platform for the current 850 apps available in the Windows store, as well as for the upcoming apps that will be introduced in this area. These will help clinics and healthcare organizations improve in their operations. They will be better able to communicate with one another and with their patients. This will lead to a much better system, which is more efficient and patient-centric. Microsoft, in collaboration with Intel and Cleveland Clinic is currently testing and exploring Windows 8 in clinical settings. As the medical director of Intel’s worldwide health IT group, Mark Blatt, M.D. said, the Windows 8 interface facilitates clinicians’ work. The system is so much more flexible, and one will be able to use both the keyboard and the touchscreen in these mobile devices that make use of such a platform. Changing from one mode to another is practically instantaneous. Popular apps such as Pariscribe and MazikCARE can be run with Windows 8. One will be able to find that these apps are rich with features, and they can provide various benefits, such as a higher ROI, lower costs, and simplified training. The Digital Health Scorecard app by Johnson & Johnson Services Inc., can also be run on Windows 8. This app makes use of the concept of using a personal health score based on seven questions. It is a quick and simple consumer-friendly metric which is being used to address the prevalence of chronic diseases. These are just a few examples of the innovative health apps that can be run on Windows 8. This area can prove to be one of the main market shares for Microsoft. For the full Press Release, click here.