Notism Reviewed

These days, there has been a trend towards certain apps, especially those targeted at creative agencies and freelancers with the purpose to streamline and centralize the artwork review of a design project phase like Notism. In fact, it’s the current league contender! In that regard, let’s have a look at it comprises that is more advanced to pull you into it for your collaboration and design review. Notism is basically in Beta and it’s under active development. Therefore, several issues and shortcomings can be associated with the Beta-tag hoping that things will soon change as this app is now fully released. Using beta is free, so there is no concrete reason why you shouldn’t try it, especially if you have been searching something similar. Login or Sign Up Using a Google Account Notism is typically a presentation at its core, which lets its users create and present your designs, artwork, photographs, or wireframes. It will also allow other users to give their opinions or comment on them. You also benefit from linking your images together just by creating some hotspots on them as well as assigning other related images as your targets. In addition to that, you can place your notes anywhere on the linked images while other users can easily respond to that particular note, creating an informal discussion thread. How to Start 1. Dead Simple Sharing Since Notism is free to access and use with Beta, if you rent a member you can easily sign up with your Google account and get started. However, if you are a member logging in is also simple to get you started. Once you login, you’ll find a sample project, which is already created to help you. The sample will also demonstrate some important features of the application. So, getting started is quite easy and simple. Nowadays, you can create approximately 100 projects in Notism, even though there the problem is no indication whatsoever of how this will eventually change, it goes out of Beta. The dragging and dropping file uploads is easy and neat as well. To start, create a nice project and put a few images to it. The drag and drop interface is used in the upload process that makes it easier to add slides. Actually, all images become slides in your presentation and it’s easier to rename or move around in a sorting order. In order to add more images, just click the upload link found on the bottom of your thumbnail panel. You can as well update any image by uploading the latest version of the same image in the application. 2. Discussions, Notes and Approvals Once your project and images are in place, there so many things you need to perform to make everything easy and simple for the client and your team to review, give their comments or approve them. To be successful, you need to do the following:
  • Add more notes to your images
  •  Assign your images to various categories
  •  Always give feedback to all existing notes by just opening them and then add your comment
  •  Also add some attractive hotspots to your image with a direct link to another image or slide
  •  Adding to-do items is also important, but should be based on various comments on the Notism page
  •  Moreover, assigning people as reviewers or editors once you are through with your slides
In conclusion, Notism actually lives up to its Beta-tag and isn’t entirely completed, but not completely unusable either. Try it now.


Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)