The Experts Have Decided: Here Are The 8 Deadly UX Sins

  The field of user experience design is full of unique creativity which is expressed through aspects such as websites design, user interface navigation etc. However, with power comes great responsibility, and with the incredible creativity potential in design comes the potential for detrimental mistakes. Lack of understanding what your users want in order to

What Designers May Not Know (And Should Know) About Fitts’ Law

The methods that user experience and user interface designers utilize in order to create their designs may vary, but most are based on basic human intuition and empirical data. However, did you know that there is a name for these procedures that includes specific design guidelines?   Fitts’ Law is a common law used by

Best UX Articles of July 2016

This month the focus in the user experience world was primarily centered on what not to do as a user experience designer. With articles focused on warning designers against making major design and user testing mistakes, to helpful advice on how to improve specific designs, this monthly roundup is a must read! 1. The Seven Deadly

What Google Maps WiFi Only Option Can do to the App’s UX

According to some users, Google Maps have updated their setting features, adding a “WiFi only” option, which can be toggled between online and offline. The new feature will allow users to be offline and connect to Wi-Fi towers to load previously undownloaded maps. This is contrast to the current “offline areas” mode, which will reconnect

3 Hotel Websites with Stellar UX (And what still needs to be fixed…)

Summer is upon us and that means it’s time to start planning and booking exotic getaways. In an ideal world, I’d be spending the next month bouncing around between Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, and Italy, soaking in the sunshine and good times with the ones I love most. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world –

Trying to Create Great UX with Machine Learning? Here’s What You’re Missing

In the fast-paced technological world, people don’t care about behavior as much as they do their own interests. For example, I’m sure you’ve had the chance to use famous hook-up tools like Tinder, Hitch and Aisle, where people aren’t worried about the behavior of the person they’re talking to, but are more interested in knowing

How Boston College’s Website UX Simplifies the Admissions Process

Much of your life will be determined by what university you choose to attend. Some schools can open doors that others simply can’t. The lifelong implications stemming from your decision make the selection process grueling, as thorough research and a degree of confidence are necessary before taking the plunge into higher education. This highly nuanced