The Difference (And Relationship) Between Usability And User Experience

This article was originally written by Justin Mifsud. After web site accessibility, “user experience” (abbreviated as UX) is probably the phrase that most people tend to confuse usability with. Whilst this topic has been discussed by various experts in the respective fields, I feel the need to write about it for two main reasons. The first

The Nature of User Experience

In nature the ‘interface’ of many creatures is very much synched with the organism’s capacities to assimilate into its natural environment. Yet, as we see in Web browsing, the Web environment is not as forgiving and intuitive to us as Mother Nature is to its dwellers. Looking at the big changes occurring with today’s technological solutions

Photographs? Forget About It. Typography is the Essence of Web Design.

Thank goodness for the memo! For the past…Umm…I’m not sure how long, really…I’ve been stressing over finding the right combination of photographical and typographical elements that would make my product’s website unique and sexy. But, no longer do I need to dwell over my inability to find a stimulating image for the design of the