Samsung Introduces Galaxy S4 & Pushes User Experience


The Galaxy 4th generation was announced last week. Samsung states it has dedicated its resources to creating seamless interfaces that make life easier for the users. The features that have been incorporated into the phone are designed to deal with the daily hustles of life. Samsung says it is using technology to bring things closer, make things work faster and also access information more reliably.

Some of the most innovative features that come with the phone have to do with UX – the face, voice and motion recognition. These come in handy when incorporated with the touch design. Gone are the days when you would need to keep touching your screen all the time – says Samsung.  The video player recognizes your face and pauses when you look away. It resumes play when you look back making the feature a must have. The Galaxy 4 allows you to wave your hand as the screen detects the motion and operates through the representation of the motion. You can wave your hand over the screen and get the air view to execute the commands. Viewing your emails and any other information has never been easier. You only need to touch the screen when opening the applications. You can answer the phone through voice and a simple hand wave.

The phone also makes it possible to answer your phone when you are busy. This feature is ideal for driving. The text conversion software converts texts into audio saving you the hustle of having to answer or read texts when driving. It integrates more features in the design including translation, saving speed dials, automatic recognition of text, QR coding, call, search and many more. The Galaxy S4 is truly a UX test case. It will be fascinating to see which of its new features will catch on, but more interesting is the question why will it catch-on. What do you think?