7 Freaky Forbes UX Articles You Have to Read This Halloween

This Halloween, don’t be the odd pumpkin out! Stay up to date with the latest UX news and technologies brought to you by Forbes. In this exclusive list of Forbes articles (plus one special addition) published in October, both contributing writers and Forbes employees discuss current issues within the UX design world, along with speculations of what we can expect for future advancements.

1. Don’t Mess With My Mind!

Karen Clark Cole paints readers a picture of her experience with a banking site sorely lacking UX design, and just how drastically it affected her overall experience. In fact, the usability was so bad she couldn’t even figure out where to find her money. In her article, Cole stresses not only the importance of a good UX for the company’s benefit, but also for the customer’s happiness and satisfaction.

2. Google CEO Launches New Products with Remarkably Simple Words and Slides

In case you hadn’t heard, Google recently announced their new products doing so through an alternative method. Carmine Gallo, a Forbes contributor, discusses the simplicity of the method they used to introduce their new products, and how exactly this is related to the user experience of Google’s new smartphone, Pixel.

3. How the World’s Most Sophisticated Lock Simplifies Your Life

Read about an innovative smart lock called “Gate” which is meant to simplify the everyday locking and unlocking process. This is a great example of user experience done right. Gone are the days of fumbling for keys, missing meetings, and waiting for your neighbor to show up with your extra key. The developers of this technology wanted to simplify their users’ lives, and that’s exactly what they did according to Stephan Rabimov. UX Articles

4. The Future of UX is here, and it’s Taking Personalization to a Whole New Level

A look into a new sector of user experience: personalization on a whole new level. Read about the endless options for customized experiences, and what the future of UX has in store for users in terms of how personalized devices can become.

5. How Customers Make Decisions: Applying Science to Improve User Experience

Andrew Kucheriavy, the founder and CEO of Intechnic, tackles a very prominent topic of applying scientific data to improving user experience. Understanding the motive behind how your customers make decisions gives a company a leg up in satisfying their users’ needs and wants. In his article, Kucheriavy talks about why mapping the reasons behind customers’ choices, along with learning the psychology behind the decision making is essential to a successful UX design.

6. Life After Android: The Battle of the Platforms Heats Up

There are often many valuable lessons to be learned from other companies. Android has released products both with great and not-so-great user experience design. Peggy Anne Salz enlightens readers about what the competition is like out there for companies competing for the best user experience, and what users can expect with all these new technological advancements.   A Special Bonus Article…

7. Essential UX Design Tips from Mockplus’s CEO Song Lau

Although this article isn’t published by Forbes I couldn’t help adding it as a bonus to this great list! I had the honor of discussing important design topics and strategies with the CEO at a popular startup, and I felt that readers would definitely benefit from Song Lau’s UX design insights.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)walkme.com