[SLIDESHARE] SuccessFactors vs Oracle HCM Cloud: Which One is The Right One?

When choosing the right HCM for your company, it’s important to consider all the aspects of their user experiences in order to make the right call. Some crucial points to take into consideration are the size of your company, your specific needs, and if your users prefer to customize the program themselves, or use not even have to think about it. Prioritizing your user’s wants and needs allows you to decide which program is best. In order to help narrow down which HCM is the right fit for your company, I created this neat SlideShare. It breaks down some of the key differences between the two most popular HCM programs; SAP’s SuccessFactors, and the Oracle HCM Cloud. There are many differences between the two, for instance SuccessFactors is considered faster, however Oracle’s simplicity design is considered top notch. Each component is carefully outlined and explained in order to fully consider your options. There are so many factors to think through when choosing an HCM, and I hope this SlideShare is able to simplify things for you:
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