SXSW Interactive 2013 – Why Should UXers Go?

Before I dive into my spiel about why it’s worth your while to check out SXSW Interactive 2013, I have to express my deep apologies to my readers. When I began this blog, I told myself that I have to remain dedicated to following the main blogging principles, mainly consistency, and to my own detriment, I slipped in this area. So, this is me saying “SORRY!” for not staying consistent in my posts – we’re only human, right? In any case, this past month, I’ve been devoted to finding the best user experience conferences out there that are worthwhile to attend this year. In my search, I’ve come across many UX events that are learning and seminar-oriented. While I find this really useful in gaining user experience knowledge, I believe that UXers, as I like to call ourselves, should not overlook the conferences that emphasize technological and entrepreneurial efforts – especially when it comes to disruptive and interactive technologies. With that, I highly recommend that you go to SXSW Interactive 2013, held March 8th-12th, 2013 in Austin, Texas. And here’s why:

You Will Expand Your Creativity

Engaging your creative juices by checking out events outside of the UX market is always refreshing. Spark inspiration when looking at what new technologies, especially interactive ones, are being developed. Checking out how others are designing and marketing their products can develop new and improved thought processes you have regarding your next design, strategy, or research project.

You Will Talk…A LOT.

It’s all about being social these days, so mingling with other entrepreneurs, tech gurus, designers, UX professionals, or even venture capitalists can expand your social and professional network. I mean, you never know who you will bump into along the way, which can definitely open doors to what may be a huge user experience design project or consultation. Don’t limit yourself to UX events – User Experience is a trendy, yet broad field and can be applied in several markets! SXSW Interactive 2013 allows you to socialize with forward-thinking companies. What better way to do that than at their Block Party and Meet Up Pavillion?

You Will Have Fun

When the SXSW Interactive crew invented the name of the event, they really meant it when they stressed the “Interactive”. You don’t see many events that highlight music, film, and cool technologies all in one event. This is the perfect opportunity to escape from the User Experience World and dive into some engaging and pleasurable activities. The organizers at SXSW Interactive have you in mind so greatly that they even organized the SXsaloon, allowing you to kick back and relax while networking in the middle of the event. With that, I’m really looking forward to attending SXSW Interactive 2013 and letting my UX-ingrained brain out of the box. For more details of the event, check out the site, here.