7 Simple Things You Can do to Simplify Your User’s Experience

Users today  are more informed about the kinds of services and products that they are interested in. They make better purchase decisions and they are more demanding of information. Users want immediate responses when they make inquiries. It is essential to identify ways to simply experiences for users. One of the most effective ways to

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Better User Experience

Good design, service, and interaction. These are some of the aspects that help to improve your business. In 2014, you will need to pay more attention to user experience if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Better user experience will determine your business success. Here are the 7 New Year’s resolutions for better

4 New Technologies that are Disrupting the Enterprise Software User Experience

The beautiful enterprise is a dream that is quickly becoming a reality.  Enterprise software has been known to be clunky and unintuitive, but those days are behind us as we step forward into the future. There are a number of reasons why this is happening, including a changing demographic, the rise of socialization, and higher

Are Popups Ruining Your User Experience?

I’ve seen many a conversation about popups that relayed a negative vibe about the feature. Between bad accessibility, hiding content, breaking the navigation flow, and drawing user attention away from the page, I could not be more convinced that popups were the epitome of terrible UX. However, I stopped for a second to think about

UX Interview with Peter Picone, Director of User Experience at Oracle Software

I would like to introduce you to Peter Picone, Director of User Experience at Oracle.  Peter’s most recent corporate position was with Oracle USA as the Director of User Experience for their Financial Services Global Business Unit. Currently, he is taking a short sabbatical from that life and dusting off his old consulting company Half-Tide

Tips on How to Build a Relationship with Your UX Hero

You might be wondering, what is a UX hero? Well, the answer remains up to you, really. However, when I first got into the field of user experience, frankly, I thought that everyone who was somewhat seasoned in UX was a hero to me. So, instead of searching for the best UX resources, books, or