Web GUI Design Tips for UX Professionals

Web GUI design seems to be a science that people often overlook, at least in the aspect of acknowledging that it’s a different ballgame than UI design for mobile or traditional software platforms. With the ever growing popularity and ubiquity of SaaS, which is powered by web technology almost entirely, this is going to be

5 Pieces of Advice from UX Professionals to UX Professionals

UX designing is undoubtedly one of the best jobs out there, as it lets you take advantage of your creativity and experiment with different elements. It also allows you to know the users better, as you’re designing with their needs in mind. But even UX designers need some extra inspiration at times in order to

Dip Your Toes before Diving Into the Deep End of UX

It’s so unbelievable to me the amount of social media platforms out there. I seriously cannot keep up with all of them! The other day I was searching through a pretty cool site called scoopt.it, which allows users to carefully pick and choose, and then share articles and ideas that are important and engaging to