7 Tips to Simplify the User Experience (without Compromising Design)

Users enjoy a webpage that is simple, yet attractive. Even more, it needs to be informative, but needs to have a clean, fresh look to it. Gartner reports that one of the most common user complaints is that the site or software is too difficult to use. A common inquiry to Gartner is often phrased

The Best in UX

  #1- Evolving A Creative Workplace Sandy Greene writes about how a creative workplace can undoubtedly increase the performance of the employees. Part of creating a creative and entertaining workplace is encouraging open communication and opening up the environment. A properly set workplace can stimulate communication between the members of the different departments of the

Best of UX

1. Scrolling is Easier Than Clicking Usability testing and latest analytics show that scrolling is much easier and convenient than clicking. So, if you’re fond of hiding your some of your information behind tabs chances are that you’re not exploiting your sites full potential. Get in the know by reading this incisive post by Joshua Porter.

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Better User Experience

Good design, service, and interaction. These are some of the aspects that help to improve your business. In 2014, you will need to pay more attention to user experience if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Better user experience will determine your business success. Here are the 7 New Year’s resolutions for better

Affinity Diagramming in UX Best Practices

Affinity diagramming is a popular model of charting and mapping in modern times, and I liken it, in some ways, to Venn diagramming in the fact that it groups and interlocks things by their collective interests and contexts. It’s a simple process, and best served for social thought exercises and training, and in some cases,