Taking Advantage of Web Analytics to Grow Your Business

Finally. I did it. It may not be so exciting for many, but I finally purchased my first new car. It’s an emotional feat for me, as I now know I have the freedom to transport myself to cool getaways, not resorting on the hustle and bustle of public transportation. However, the funniest thing happened to me – something I didn’t think would haunt me, since I’ve been living in my current city for three years already. I made the smallest wrong turn, which lead to a complete navigational disaster. Who would have thought that a simple wrong turn danger-795594-mwould create such frustration and anxiety? I admit it, I was so eager to get to my destination, so I turned on my smartphone and  activated my GPS’s recent search towards my desired destination to get me out of the mess I created. “Kudos to Waze,” I said. The best thing about this experience was the build-up of relief and reassurance after knowing that my GPS system would guide be back on a familiar road. Before I knew it, I shut down Waze before it even took me to where I wanted to go. This smallest action – deactivating the GPS before the navigation reached its destination – is exactly the action on which I would like to focus in this article. When people set out to look for information on a fact finding mission, they usually have specific goals. This article relates well to this kind of situation as it provides the tiniest of details in creating an ideal digital product. This includes the construction of key elements that form the part of the navigation.  In case you haven’t already noticed, there is so much talent out there to an extent that designers have completely mastered the art of creating unique experiences. This allows users to actively stick to websites and even have them coming back later. As a web master or business person, you are most likely interested in understanding the ROI of your website’s navigation process, which is accessed by your users.   When human beings find a task to be simple, they tend to take full control of it to an extent that they even shift their main focus from gps-directions-3-1198032-mthe actual task at hand. Take, for instance, the example I provided above. When you are given control of a situation, such as driving a car and you mess up along the way, strong feelings of frustration and anxiety are bound to cloud your judgment and put a damper on your experience. Time and time again, we have seen unfortunate instances like this occur on website. Despite new design trends, companies are still seeing low conversion and high user drop-off rates. Companies are less than hesitant to implement new technologies that are boosting conversion and helping website owners understand user behavior. New systems have been openly discussed and reviewed aiming at helping you and your users familiarize with the simple and complex flows that are usually characteristic of websites and applications. WalkMe and its Analytics system, just like several other analytical systems, operate along similar lines as the case described above. It reports any user who opts for approach to stop using the technology for help. This trend in drop off rates in user flows is consequently creating completely new skews in analytics.  Technologies, along with WalkMe, are aiming at making it easier for companies to understand when user flows are fully completed by end-users or when any user decides to end the navigation process, or Walk-Thru, in the course of the playtime. There have been efforts to establish whether there is any universal language of trust online. Good news is: now there is. Under the guidance of the analytic goals, you will be able to know exactly which flows are working the best and which flows are skewed. business-bar-chart-1392340-m Remember, “These same goals will significantly strengthen your business since they will reveal exactly where on your website it is that you need to focus on the most e.g. adjusting the marketing or even the coding itself etc. Besides the above, web analytic goals will also effectively help you to organize your business to make the best off your online presence keeping in mind the benefits of your customers.” Analytics goals will also help you to identify the kind website navigation that you should look out for from visitors. However, for this to come through, you will need to set up a home page followed by a services page and so forth finally setting the goal as the last action. Take note, the funnel will allow you to focus on the pages that might be losing visitors. Apart from the above, you will also be able to decide when to make content changes as well as where to insert questionnaires to find out exactly what might be driving visitors away from your website.