The 5 UX Articles That Will Boost Your UX Career

Yep…another week has passed but it’s unbelievable how much great content is available. This week’s content is geared to help you boost your user experience career. Check out these articles to learn about pain-points of designers and ways to improve on them

A Responsive Web Design Process

published on Heliom Blog Despite the huge amount of knowledge being shared on the subject of responsive design, I get the feeling that the workflow is still very mysterious. I’ve been thinking about a right process for quite a long time and finally came up with what I think is a good look at the practical side of designing websites in 2013.  

Best Deal Websites for Designers

published on InspirationFeed Ever since Groupon got big, many niche based deal websites started to pop up across the web. Now you’re able to find daily deal websites for almost anything you please. The bargains these deal websites provide are truly a blessing, especially is you’re running a business. The icing on the cake is that, during tax season, the purchases you’ve made on these daily deal websites are a legit tax deduction.  

Get Rid of Designer’s Block Once and For All

published on InspirationFeed Everyone’s heard of writer’s block. But are you familiar with designer’s block? It’s a similar mind trick. Designers concentrate so hard on trying to come up with creative and eye-catching designs that they temporarily lose their touch. Their creative juices run dry, and the harder they try to come up with a design, the more they struggle.  

13 UX Design Practices Startups Shouldn’t Overlook

published on The Next Web There’s a lot of talk about improving UX and putting the user first, but what does a great user experience really require? I asked a panel of 13 successful entrepreneurs to share their favorite best practices, especially for newer startups that may be tempted to focus on flash over experience.  

How to Totally Rock Your UX/UI Portfolio

published on Shutterstock Blog If you’re building a portfolio to show off your UX design chops, you want to make sure you’re communicating as clearly and impressively as possible. (That is what you do for a living, after all.) These tips, gleaned from years of experience, are geared towards UX folks, but should be valuable for user-centered visual designers, too.