Compare the Best User Interface Design Tools on the Market

In the ongoing age of online services, there are not many factors that are more important than the user interface or UI. That is why your need the best user interface design tools to set your product or website apart from the pack.

A well-designed user interface can mean the difference between a successful service and services that are mostly ignored by your target audience. At the same time, when it comes to the process of creating a great user interface, UI design tools are of a paramount importance. With a savvy designer who can point your UI design in the right direction, your service can attain a fantastic front-end UX (user experience) that will not only draw people in but also give them a reason to come back. People are often puzzled by the question of the best user interface design tools. Here are some of the best potential candidates for the job.

GitHub – The Optimal Collaborative Effort

As a primarily collaborative platform, GitHub was designed as a place where coding can be shared among coworkers, friends, and even complete strangers. With the same service, more than four million users employ the platform to create new and interesting things, including user interfaces. As a collaborative UX design software platform, GitHub is almost without any real competition. With a solid support for both mobile and desktop applications, but also browser-based endeavors, it can offer new and exciting directions to all designers who want to create something unique. With the help of the community, the same product can be tested out and valuable feedback attained that can help even further.

Flinto – A Mobile-First Solution

Today, mobile apps are only growing in popularity, which means that anyone who wants to create an app of this type must use very potent user interface design software. With Flinto, this can be achieved by getting a very fine-tuned balance between a very fast prototyping process and a realistic presentation inside of an app. Flinto prototypes can be run on both iPad and iPhone and also shared easily across multiple users. All this is provided thanks to the app’s Editor Build that releases active apps where everything can be felt, seen and tested, making it ideal for any serious UX and UI development. With Flinto, mobile devices have the best software for UX design tool on their side.

Photoshop CC – The King of the Best User Interface Design Tools

If you work on a visual design project anywhere in the world, on practically any platform, chances are you use some version of Photoshop. For decades now, this software package from Adobe was seen as the ultimate in visual design and for good reason – it always tried to offer its users a competitive advantage. Now, with Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud), this is one of the best user interface tools. With its freedom, power and speed, the application can help everyone design prototypes faster than ever before. Even more than that, Photoshop CC incorporates so many other tools that are used in the UI creation that it really is a one-stop-shop for all design needs.

With these alternatives for collaborative, mobile-first and general UX and UI design, everyone can find one of the best user interface design tools to fit their needs. With one or more of these software solutions, they will be able to create a user interface that will simply prove to be irresistible.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)