The Best UX Podcasts for Your Tuning

Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most sought after journalistic and publication mediums of today. It’s interesting how the paradigm shifted away from radio broadcasts and manifested as episodic uploads instead. While standard radio formats over TCP/IP exist, podcasts seem to be the go-to. For those who like the talk radio and news expose feel of the podcast format, there are podcasts for just about every topic in existence. For those in the business world, there’s a huge selection for just about every topic and industry, including UX. So, what are some of the best UX podcasts out there? I’ve had the opportunity to listen in on a few and from what I got from first impression, I’ve seen some with much promise. Without further adieu, here are eight podcasts I think are worth recommending to the UX professional.

#1 – The Big Web Show

This one seems to have a professional but somewhat informal atmosphere, very much in the vein of gaming journalism that’s popular today. The hosts are very competent, professional and clear-spoken, but with personality to carry it. They cover a wide array of topics, including of course UX in all its glory. This is the general demographic “safe bet” on the list, and I think most people would like it. #2 – Radio Johnny Taking a page from the “rogue expert” host archetype, Radio Johnny is an outlet for expert knowledge of UX, usability and interface flow, as well as a hot spot for debate and discussion with other professionals. If you like this type of personality and discussion forum on the radio, you’ll find yourself at home with this podcast. #3 – The UIE Podcast If you’re looking for something that speaks the language of artists and UI designers better, then this is the podcast you’ll get the most out of. It’s dedicated to UI design and is a great place to hear of innovations, real world stories of theory in practice, and much more.. #4 – The Web Ahead For those interested in web technology as a vested future for the digital business world, this is probably going to speak to you the most. It’s centered around SaaS oriented applications, and talks a lot about what does and doesn’t work in trending web service environments, giving web UX professionals concrete examples of successes and failures. This one doesn’t have the personality of some of the others on this list, but its focus makes it invaluable to a large subset of UX people. #5 – Information & Design User Experience Podcast A very professional, very sincere podcast that provides insight into the relationships of material being delivered through a service, and how both interface and presentation must work to be logical and concentric. Stay up to date and informed on breakthroughs in new UX philosophies and theories. #6 – A Better User Experience Reminding me much of the Straight Dope column in style and simple elegance, this podcast takes a no-nonsense but very informal look at user experience as a whole, both in theory and in practical application through what’s topical at the time. This is one of those podcasts where you can recreate the evolution of UX over a time by listening to back episodes, too, which is neat. #7 – UX Podcast I actually found myself ambivalent about the style of this one, but the very clean analysis of UX as a basic science, rather than psychological metaphysics that some try to veil it in actually spoke to me. This one misses the mark on occasion, but when it hits home, it’s a grand slam, and for that, it’s worth the occasional bit of fluff. Honestly, no podcast has a higher success rate of hitting the target than this one; others just mask the misses in some way. This one doesn’t do that, so if you notice it, just go back and see if you don’t spot it being masked by others as well. #8 – IATV Radio IATV actually borrows a page from TV-sourced radio programs in its format, being very varied dynamic. I would say they could afford to be a little more amateur in their approach, to give it a more homogenized feel, but their dynamism is terrific, and it keeps it from getting old, indistinct or repetitive. Give this one a shot if you want the widest range of topics and varied opinions, or if you have OCD like I do. So, these are a few podcasts out there and they’re only eight out of about eight thousand. If one of these doesn’t give you what you seek, there is bound to be another one that does.