The Best Way to Get Users Hooked to Your Site

It’s the goal of any website owner to get good conversion and have users coming back to their website. Executing this successfully, sometimes, can be trickier than expected. That’s why, today, I will briefly discuss the best way to get users to join your site. First of all: The ideal user flow begins before the user has even gotten to your site/app.  Why are they coming and how did they find out about it?  Next: Simplicity. Although this is quite an obvious element, many designers forget about it when building a website, in their effort to create more complex navigation panels. Once users land on your website, without simplicity, users cannot really get the most out of your website. To simplify the design of a website, a number of steps must be accomplished. First of all, it’s necessary to minimize the time it takes for a user to complete a certain action, to reduce the number steps required for it, and also to minimize the number of your website’s less than necessary features. It’s also mandatory to reduce the number of elements on a page, as users will find it difficult to cope with them. The next thing which designers should take into account is users’ self-awareness. In other words, you have to clearly drive your visitors to their objectives, without making them wondering at any point if “this worked or not”. You need to ensure that each required step is outline clearly, otherwise some of your website’s magic might get lost. Another element which must be taken into account is self-service. You must put your users in the middle of the action through different means. For example, you could make them press an extra button, let them try out different inputs, or by simply ensuring their ability to serve themselves, rather than be passive bystanders to the process. A great browsing experience and a nice look are two elements which should not miss from your miss business website. These elements together form the so-known “website flow”, the one which manages to lead users to part in the action. In the absence of it, you’re only driving your visitors to the competition, since they are the one who take advantage of your weaknesses.