The Most Important 4 UX Articles You Might Have Missed This Week

UX is such an ever changing area, it’s sometimes seems impossible to stay updated on the latest changes and news. Another week has just flown by leaving us with a multitude of interesting news. And so, as always, here are the top news stories you might have missed out on this week: 1. Brands chasing engagement are forgetting the importance of user experience By Haran Ramachandran If you were to ask 10 social-media managers what they try to create through social networks, nine would reply without hesitation: “engagement”. The Holy Grail of online marketing, engagement is the thing brands want most. If Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg worked in social media, he’d sell engagement. When you get some, you want more, always more – ­after all, you can’t have enough engagement, right? Wrong. Brands chasing engagement are forgetting one of the most important drivers of not just consumer behavior, but human beings: user experience (UX).   2. Grow Up! Evaluating the Maturity of Your User Experience Strategy By Kevin Conroy Successful product designers and developers know that good user experience (UX) is the key to success in both traditional and digital domains. And yet, the enterprise continues to under-invest in the functions that inform meaningful improvements to UX. We fail to engage “the business” as part of internal digital product development. We fall short in the development of holistic understandings of end-users.   3. Less is more when it comes to mobile app user experience, gov panel says By Ryan McDermott Simple, focused design can greatly enhance user experience and functionality of mobile apps, a panel said in a Sept. 25 DigitalGov University webinar.Design must be streamlined for the user experience, National Institutes of Health Project Manager David Hale said during the webinar. “It’s not a matter of does your app look pretty,” Hale said. “You need to keep stripping away at what you’re putting out there for the users so that they only get the things that they are supposed to have to do the task they need.”   4. Alibaba User Experience Director on Design, Usability By The appearance and functionality of an ecommerce site affects its sales. Is the site attractive? Is it easy to navigate? Do core functions work? Is it fast? Does it render well on mobile devices? All of those impact a user of the site.  They influence the user’s decision to purchase products, and to return to buy more.  

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