The Myth of the Great UI Designer

Picture that one bright and inspiring day, when you suddenly get the most brilliant idea for a product – a web-based service or application in this case. It’s unique and could disrupt the tech world. Organizing and designing your service seems easy enough; I mean, you’ve had this idea in your head for quite some time and you’ve spent endless nights mapping out all of the elements and features of the service in your mind…But, it’s not real yet – the production is a daunting task and it’s in your best interest to make your website or application look and feel like the crème de la crème of websites for your users. The question is: would hiring a great user interface designer be enough to create the perfect UI?

A great user interface designer knows that visual elements generate a positive relationship with users.

He knows how to make a website aesthetically pleasing, but even the best UI designers need a little help. In an ideal world, a UI designer would design the perfect user interface, establishing a website to be so intuitive that users would never get lost on it; however, we live in the real world, where designers are human and are unable to discern every behavior a user will execute. Of course, the best UI designers attain the skill and thinking to design based on existing patterns they have come across via previous projects; however, ultimately, they may not be familiar with your service or product in depth like you are.

A great businessman knows that being involved and understanding his customers generates a positive relationship with users.

Business solutions are rapidly shifting to the web – it is inevitable. Part of building a business, particularly one that is present on the web, requires you to be competitive, brave, and rather knowledgeable about your market. So, take advantage of your knowledge, apply it, and share it with your hired UI designer. Only then, will you create the ultimate interface and experience for your users.

Feel the Force.

Join forces. What better way to experience the development of what was a simple idea you thought of one late night than to be involved every step of the way in the design process. Do not think that the user interface designer will be able to know exactly your users’ needs, wants, thinking, and even objections. Avoid user-confusion right from the start. The last thing you want is for your visitors to feel that they are not in control.