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One of the things that matter most in any platform or website is the user experience. If the UX is reliable enough, there will be more visitors to that website or platform. You might be in search of the right UX blog, for the sake of learning about what is new concerning the user experience. You can have UX software that has been integrated with an article portal, which provides you with all the updates. There is no need to worry about where you would find the perfect place to get the UX news.

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– Controlling knowledge about the human brain and their condition In order to design a friendly user experience, a lot of the designers will research how pertinent people think and behave through the usability studies and exploratory research. The main aspect is to understand how the information is retained, perceived and used by the human brain. The designers aim at understanding their cognitive biases and those of the users. Also, the UX designers are seeking to understand the core needs of people, how they make choices and why the act how they act.  Some important aspects in this category include the following; o Perception. o Retention. A reliable attention can act as a memory booster. o Information processing. o The core needs of the users. o How the behaviors develop and how they are retained. o Motivation o Persuasion, including the principles of persuasion. – The 2-way conversation format This is basically aimed at boosting the overall user experience. Any appropriate UX blog will emphasize on the need of having a two-way conversation system. When the user is responded to, they will feel more satisfied and will want to use the platform even more. Some aims of developing such a system include the following; o To persuade the users to take an action. o To educate. o To simplify a task. o To promote satisfaction and contentment. Through these, the impact of a website or platform can be improved, since there will be a human conversation with the users. – The engagement loops The engagement loops include the habits, along with a journey that is meaningful. There are various graphical user interface design examples that emphasize on this. The user engagement will depend on their habits on that platform or website. You can use tiny habits and let the users take gradual steps. You might also want to employ the triggers, structure the future behavior and consider how you can enhance the motivation with different rewards. These are some things that will help to boost the engagement and will make the users to visit more frequently. Some of the things that the designers are after include the following: -The identification of habit loops that are present in the platforms and developing new ones. -The mapping of personas and features to the loops. -Promoting the users from shorter engagement loops to the longer ones. Any UX blog that is recent and well updated will touch on these aspects, which are the emerging trends in the user experience, popular interface design software that would be relevant to learn from, and other graphical user interface design examples a designer can learn from. With this UX blog, you are sure of staying up to date with the most relevant news on how to have a better user experience.
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