UX Design – The Tips You Wish You Knew Before Getting Into

Many web designers and UX professionals have made constant efforts to get better with UX design. This article is aimed at giving you insight into what UX designers wish they knew before getting into UX design. Let us tell you about some tips which have been given by some of the most renowned and experienced professionals in the industry. 1.     Communication, communication, communication Behrad Mirafshar, Product Designer, Moped According to Behrad, it is all about communicating with numerous people from different principles. For a UX professional, communication skills are extremely important. In fact, leadership skills are also very important. You need to understand that being a UX designer is a fact-driven job. You should not make any decisions unless you have all the facts and information. 2.     Again…it’s all about the user. Deb Fillman, Interactive Content and User Experience Consultant Deb believes UX design is not just about how interactive or trendy you can make something. It is not even about showing your prowess. Everything is about the user. You need to make them think that they are in the right place and they can do anything as per their needs and requirements. UX design requires a very deep understanding of the audience, needs, goals, expectations, preconceived ideas and existing abilities related to what you are trying to communicate. 3.     What’s hidden is equally important Alan Wexelblat, Senior Product Design Manager, Aspen Technology Alan believes non-visible portions of the job are also important. Almost every professional gives importance to visible things and hires YX professionals on the basis of these things. But this is just a part of the whole picture. 4.     Companies don’t know how UX designers work Bob Glaser, Sr UX Design Consultant, ShoreTel One major problem is that most companies hiring UX designers don’t actually know how UX designers work. In fact, some companies which even understand their work do not have complete and accurate information. Companies only understand the fact that hiring a UX designer will help them eliminate costs and time related to testing. 5.     It’s important to estimate and price projects. Ashish Ganu, Experienced UX Architect, Software Product Manager | Founder of Sapling Design Solutions For a UX designer, it is important to estimate and price projects. Since UX designers need to bill their own time, things tend to become more flexible when a cost/profit/value-add model is not present. 6. Understand the process as a whole, even if you don’t know everything. Ken Joldersma, Systems Engineer, CAS Although you don’t need to know everything about performing the work yourself, it is still important to understand how everything needs to be done. It is important to realize that you will be the middleman between business organizations and development of the projects. Thus, you need to understand all the disciplines involved in the process. This will allow you to speak clearly with your colleagues. 7. UX is 40% technology and design. Fred Evans, Creative Director – UX/UI According to Fred, the root of UX design is the user. However, there is one thing that business organizations don’t understand. UX is about 40% technology and design. The other 60% is understanding the user and his psychology. This allows a UX designer to force a user into doing what he wants him to do. When it comes to UX design, you don’t need to just focus on technical training. You also need to spend some time to understand philosophy and psych of users.