The Top 5 UX Articles You Don’t Want to Miss!

The A-Z of UX Design Principles from the Big Tech Firms/Experts

by Chris Lake, published on Econsultancy Blog I am always pleasantly surprised by the material Econsultancy shares. This is a rather useful resource, allowing us to stay on top of our game with the top UX design principles. Check out this comprehensive list of UX design principles to keep your core UX values in line.

Designing the Future of Business

by Daniel Scuz and Josephine Wong, published on UX Matters Here, Daniel and Josephine introduce 10 tips of advice that will help us explore the way we do business. Discover these 10 themes that will teach you new skills and provide a lasting impact on the way you work as a UX professional.

Cisco Looks to New Grads for UX Solutions

by Mark Feffer, published on Dice It is always wonderful to see new grads shifting into the workforce. Big props to Cisco, though, for looking for fresh blood to make an impact on their user experience. View the full article to see why Cisco is looking for fresh college graduates.

Secrets from Facebook’s Mobile UX Testing Team

by Jay Cassano, published on Fast Company Who doesn’t like secrets? Especially when it comes from a big guy like Facebook? In this article, you may explore how Facebook conducts remote testing research.

Career Memes of the Week: UX Designer

published on Silicon Republic This one is for those who have a sense of humor. Take a look at the career memens of the week – UX Designer – and see if any of the images are consistent with what you’ve experience. I think you’ll have a laugh…I sure did!