The Top 5 UX Articles You’ve Got to Read!

Yet another week goes by the the quality of user experience content on the Web is far from scarce. This week serves us with a variety of topics that I found would benefit you. Check out the list to see what suits your interests! As always, if you do have any suggestions or requests that you would like, feel free to contact me!

1. UX Spotlight: Behind the scenes of Tumblr’s design process

by Cesar Torres, published on ARS Technica This article dives into how Tumblr gains inspiration for their UX design and how Tumblr’s creative director, Peter Vidani, interacts with their engineers to create, what is now, Yahoo’s new baby.

2. A Q&A with UX Mad 2013

by Brad Orego, published on UX Booth The number of events to mingle with UX Designers is not scarce. That’s why, Brad Orego took advantage of the opportunity to get in touch with designers at UX Mad. Check out the variety of questions he asked the full range of designers via this Q&A session.

3. How Many Users is Enough in a Remote UX Test?

by Lee Duddell, published on Business to Community I recently wrote a post for Usabilla Blog, which discussed the top user testing methods. This article was refreshing to see at it explores, in more detail, remote user testing and the amount of users needed and when it is enough. 

4. 30 Best UI/UX Pinterest boards You Must Follow

by Yasir Jawaid, published on Graphic Design Junction There is nothing more inspirational than checking out images of the latest mobile and web designs. I find it really important to keep your eye out on what other talents are designing. Here, you will be able to view the top 30 outlets that will provide you a variety of mobile and web design examples.

5. Refurbishing the user experience adventure

by Hiyal Biyagamage, published on Ceylon Today This is a special interview highlighting a new friend of mine who discusses his new project, UX Colombo, and his cause to establish user experience prevalence in Sri Lanka and more burning UX issues.