The Top 5 UX Resources of the Week

Happy July, my loyal readers! Here’s a hot list of UX resources to start your month of great! Enjoy! 1. [Video] Wireframes – Vooza’s top designer offers up his opinion on the value of wireframes. published on Vooza Make me a hilarious UX video every week, Vooza. I’ve been a fan of this startup since it first launched and they get me everytime with there awesomely hilarious videos. Finally, a video about wireframes! Check out this hysterical clip that shows the interaction between UX designer and client. Roll on the floor funny! 2. [Video] 5 Tips for Becoming a UX Pro by Tim Donnelly, published on Vitamin T Think it’s difficult to break through into the UX field? Think again. Explore Recebcca Dean’s secret tips to becoming a UX pro and see how she has succeeded to do so in the London UX market! 3. Wireframes and Personas by Joshua Carroll , published on Grapnel Blog This article will give you a detail overview of the essence of UX and the terms that come along with it. Check out the problems companies face when incorporating UX, how to deliver UX to those companies successfully, and crucial explanations of personas, which will get you on track with your business. 4. Mobile Web Problems and How to Avoid Them by Brad Frost, published on Brad Frost Web The title is pretty self-explanatory isn’t it? Well, this source is more detailed than you think. Brad goes two years deep into the most common mobile web problems and gives us insight into how to alleviate them. Discover great examples that will help you understand these issues in more detail. 5. 15 Hottest User Experience Interviews of the Year published on UX Motel I have to introduce this list to you because there is nothing more useful than learning from the ones who do it best. This year has awarded me with the opportunity to get in touch with and learn from the top user experience practitioners in the field. I would like to thank all who have thus far participated in my interviews and have taken the time to share such valuable knowledge. Enjoy this super-selective list of UX interviews!