The Top UX Articles You Might Have Missed

Ready? Set. Read! 1. April Resource Roundup: Food for Thought published on UX Booth By now, all of you know that I’m a sucker for great UX resources. I stumbled upon this list that gives an in depth explanation of different resources in different fields, whether it be design research, content strategy, or gamification – definitely some hot trends in UX today. 2. So…You Want to be a UX Designer… published on UX Motel A new guest post on UX Motel provides you with some great tips on why UX design is important and what skills you need in order to get ahead in the field of UX design. 3. The Design That Conquered Google published on The New Yorker A must read: Google is hot today – between Google Glass, Google Voice, and other sexy features that they’ve developed in the recent past. In this article, Matt Buchanan discusses the inspiration between Google’s design and what is winning over its users. 4. Android’s Design Principles and the Calculus of the Human Pleasure Response published on TechCrunch Okay, I admit it – I totally clicked on the link once I read the title. In any case, I found it necessary to share this article with you considering mobile is the big thing today and because this is the year of Android, it seems. This article highlights the Android interface as the ultimate customer service rep. 5. The Greatest Secrets of UX Revealed! published on UX Magazine Who’s not into a juicy little secret? Here, you will find some tips regarding UX that you didn’t think were so hidden. Check out the secrets today to see how you can boost your knowledge in the field.