The Ultimate UX Library – 100 Resources from the Best Publications & Writers

Whether it is an article, infographic, or video, this list will have it for you. Specially compiled just for you, by me, I’ve offered my ultimate library of UX resources for you to use when you’re looking for something special to read, learn about, or utilize for project. Go ahead and start browsing…and on the way, feel free to connect to the top UX influencers that have shared their knowledge with you! Enjoy!
  1. Google Glass: The User Experience by Ryan Lytle, published on Mashable
  2. 2013 UX Awards, published on User Experience Awards
  3. Assessing User Experiences of eLearning Applications by Panagiotis Zaharias, published on eLearning Industry
  4. [Infographic] Visual and UX Design Trends for 2013 published on Enfuzed
  5. UX is Not Just a Fancy Word for Common Sense by Ximena Vengoechea, published on Mediu
  6. Don’t Panic! UX Methods Apply to Mobile by UXMatthew, published on AddThis Blog
  7. The 10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design by Danielle Arad, published on UX Brainstorm
  8. Cognitive Overhead, Or Why Your Product Isn’t As Simple As You Think by David Lieb, pubished on TechCrunch
  9. Becoming a Great UX Consultant, Part 2: Some Advice by Baruch Sachs, published on UX Matters
  10. 10 UX Books Due out in 2013 by Paul Seys, published on UX Booth
  11. Dark Tourism: Website User Experience Analysis by Andrew Zusman, published on Usability Geek
  12. Impostor Syndrome in UX by Amy Marquez, published on
  13. Think Like an Artist and Write UX Reports Your Clients Will Love by Ben Crothers, published on UX Matters
  14. Better Navigation Through Proprioception by Cennydd Bowles, published on AListApart
  15. Responsible Considerations For Responsive Web Design by Jordan Moore, published on Smashing Magazine
  16. The Shocking Truth About How Web Graphics Affect Conversion published on the KissMetrics Blog
  17. [Video] A Video About Using UX Illustration in Research, published on It’s Our Research
  18. UX Myths That Hurt SEO – Whiteboard Friday, published on SEOMoz
  19. [Infographic] How to Kill a Designer’s Soul, published on
  20. [Infographic] Are You a UX Statistic? published on Vitamin T
  21. 6 Evil UX Things Companies Do (That Also Happen to Work) by Ben Snyder, published on A Better User Experience
  22. In Defense of In-house Designers by Amy Marquez, published on UX Booth
  23. How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices? by Steven Hoober, published on UX Matters
  24. How To Design Your Website As Effective Marketing Tool by Gagan Randhawa, published on Usabilla Blog
  25. Cultivating Empathic Design in an Analytical World by April Dembosky, published on Financial Times, Tech Blog
  26. Applying Design Thinking to Your Business by HBR IdeaCase, published on Harvard Business Review
  27. User Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Usability by David Travis, published on udemy
  28. Designing for Intent: How to Win Clients and Fall Back in Love with UX by Xin Xin, published on Fresh Tilled Soil
  29. Why UX Salaries Will Continue to Rise published on UXTalent Blog
  30. Bringing Design Thinking to the Women in Intel published on XPLANE xBlog
  31. Invisible or Inspired? by Katie High, published on
  32. The Power of Collaboration by Andrea Ruskin, published on Boxes and Arrows
  33. Sharpening Your Competitive Edge by Rebecca Flavin, published on UX Magazine
  34. Teenage Usability: Designing Teen-Targeted Websites by Jakob Nielsen, published on Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox
  35. Infinite Scrolling: Fad or Fab?, published on UXMastery
  36. Top 10 Tech Resolutions of the New Year, published on Rounds Blog
  37. Are Personas Still Relevant to UX Strategy?, by Paul Bryan, published on UXmatters
  38. Cyd Harrel – Conducting Usability Research for Mobile, published on Jared Spool’s UIE
  39. How Jerry Seinfeld Crafting Jokes is Like Interaction Design, published on Bokardo
  40. Banking on Success: A Content-Centered Redesign by Bjorn Bergslien, published on UX Booth
  41. First Impression on Facebook’s Graph Search by Shaul Olmert, published on Scoutness
  42. Think Again: Assumptions About Mobile to Reconsider by Karolina Szczur, published on Smashing Magazine
  43. How to Make a Website: A Tactical Guide for Marketers by Seth Godin, published on Seth’s Blog
  44. [Video] 6 Must-See Usability Testing Videos by Tomer Sharon, published on Usabilla Blog
  45. The Pursuit of Tappiness: Six Easy Ways to Make Your Website Tablet-Friendly by John Meyer, published on UX Magazine
  46. 9 Words to Kick-Start Your UX Vocabulary published on Lookthink Blog
  47. Stop Explaining UX and Start Doing UX by Kim Bieler, published on UX Magazine
  48. Empathy: The Thread That Binds Us by Matthew Magain, published on UX Mastery
  49. Trends in User Experience by Janet M. Six, published on UXMatters
  50. Top 10 Experience Design Blog Posts of 2012 by Foolproof UX, published on Foolproof Blog
  51. The Ten Principles of Good Design by Bogdan, published on Design Superstars
  52. [Inforgraphic] 8 Deadly Sinds of Site Design by KissMetrics, published on Nexus Themes
  53. 10 UX Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter by Danielle Arad, published on UX Motel
  54. Designing for Users and Their Devices By Steven Hoober, published on UX Matters
  55. A Must Have Book Collection on UX by Paul Olyslager, published on
  56. WalkMe: The Online Parent by Vishal Mehta, published on Technorati
  57. [Video] How Can I Make the Pages on My Site Unique? by Matt Cutts of Google, published on YouTube
  58. [Video] It’s Our Research Interview with Nate Bolt, Research Design Manager at Facebook by Tomer Sharon published on “It’s Our Research: Getting Stakeholder Buy-in for User Experience Resarch Projects” video companion via YouTube
  59. UIETips: Device Experience and Responsive Design by Jared Spool published on User Interface Engineering
  60. Mental Models for UX, Search and Conversion by Ryan DeShazer published on Media Post
  61. Mobile UX’s Tsunami-Sized Ripple Effects by Jared Spool published on User Interface Engineering
  62. Top 10 Things User Experience Leaders Will be Looking for in 2013 by David Mitchell, published on Futureheads
  63. How to Become a UX Designer by Kristin Marino, published on
  64. 15 Signs You Work in UX by the consultants of GfK User Centric and GfK SirValUse, published on User Centric
  65. 6 Amazing UX Women You Must Follow on Twitter by Jenna Curry, published on A Better User Experience
  66. What I Bring to UX from…James Bond by Jim Ross, published on Johnny Holland
  67. 5 Main User Experience Barriers to Sales Conversion and How to Overcome Them (Part 1) by Lee Duddell, published on Usability Geek
  68. 10 Ways to Incorporate Storytelling in Web Design by Sabina Idler, publish on Usabilla Blog
  69. Marketing: The Missing Step in the Design Process by Ben Snyder, published on A Better User Experience
  70. User Experience Principles: How Hubspot Leverages UX with Powerhouse Marketing Tactics by Danielle Arad, published on UX Motel
  71. The 15 Warning Signs That Marketing is Blocking Your View of the User by Dr. Philip Hodgson, published on UserFocus
  72. Experience and the 4 Ps of Marketing by Jared Spool, published on User Interface Engineering
  73. How Service Design Thinking Will Save Your Business and Increase Your Conversion by Danielle Arad, published on Serve4Impact
  74. Exploration of Single-Page Websites by Steven Bradley, published on Smashing Magazine
  75. People as Pixels: Increasing Audience Engagement by Brandon Satanek, published on ExperienceDzine
  76. Rethinking Enterprise UX in the Age of Consumerization by Michael Ashley, published on UX Magazine
  77. 20 Resources For Evaluating Website Navigation by Jeff Sauro, published on Measuring Usability
  78. Banks need to focus on user experience says IDEO design director Anne Pascual by Dan Smith, published on Wired
  79. Authentic Design by Dmitry Fadayev, published on Smashing Magazine
  80. Balancing UX Strategy with Lean and Agile | Roles in UX Strategy | UX Versus CX Strategy by Janet M. Six, published on UX Matters
  81. A Responsive Web Design Process published on Heliom Blog
  82. Best Deal Websites for Designers published on InspirationFeed
  83. Get Rid of Designer’s Block Once and For All published on InspirationFeed
  84. 13 UX Design Practices Startups Shouldn’t Overlook published on The Next Web
  85. How to Totally Rock Your UX/UI Portfolio published on Shutterstock Blog
  86. Where UX Comes From published on UX Booth
  87. Here’s Why UX is Not UI published on Ultralinx
  88. Five User Experience Lessons from Seth Rogen by Steve Tengler, published on UX Magazine
  89. 13 Ways to Master UX Testing for Your Startup by Jamie Tolentino, pulished on The Next Web
  90. Why Agile is So Hard by Traci Lepore published on UX Matters
  91. Visualizing Evaluation and Feedback by Cameron Normon, published on Censemaking
  92. Mobile Design Details: Performing Actions Optimistically by Luke Wroblewski, published on Luke W Ideation + Design
  93. “Designers shouldn’t code” is the Wrong Answer to the Right Question by Joshua Seiden, published on
  94. From Google Ventures: How To Hire The Best Designer For Your Team by Braden Kowitz, published on Fastcodesign
  95. 17 Compelling Stats That Make the Case for Smarter Site Design by Rachel Sprung, published on Hubspot
  96. The 2013 Trends in Interactive Design by Petra Sell, published on Prophets
  97. Kill the UX department? Just Be Sure to Build One First by Derek C. Slater, published on FierceCIO
  98. How To Apply UX In An Organisation New To User-centred Design by Luke Chambers, published on UX Mastery
  99. The Team Behind the Reddit Insight tool Talks UX  by Lauren Kaye, published on Brafton
  100. Fi Presents the Future of Airline Websites by Craig Grannell, published on Net Magazine
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